Maremma: a Tuscan territory to discover

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 Maremma, Vecchienna, Podere Florestano

Maremma, Vecchienna, Podere Florestano

Have you discovered all aspects of Tuscany? Do you know the “Maremma”, one of its most beautiful territory, where you can find an unspoilt environment, an undamaged nature, history and culture, and there are so many activities available! In the superb “Podere San Florestano”, part of the agricultural property “Vecchienna” in Monterotondo Marittimo, families can enjoy marvelous holidays!

An unspoilt environment, where flora and fauna have remained intact, with many natural reserves and vast forests, with their holm oaks, cork oaks, chestnuts, heather, broom … and, if you are a specialist, a great variety of mushrooms! The fauna is also very rich: wild boars, deers, foxes, badgers, porcupines, hares, and a lot of birds…You will be able to observe many of them if you stay in our farm Vecchienna and its Podere San Florestano!

A rich historical heritage, with the Etruscans, (close to Vecchienna and San Florestano there is the Etruscan Roman Thermal area and, at 35minutes, the Etruscan archeological park of Populonia), with many medieval villages , such as Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina ( this is where Vecchienna and Podere San Florestano are located), Monterotondo Marittimo , Suvereto, Massa Marittima… And Vecchienna, an untouched agricultural property, is a classified monument!

 Maremma, Vecchienna, Podere Florestano

Maremma, Vecchienna, Podere Florestano

A lot of activities are available: hiking, cycling, and at 35 minutes of Vecchienna, sailing, surfing… not to mention visit of medieval cities and gastronomic discoveries, wine tastings…

Podere San Florestano can host up to 15 people, and can be divided into 2 houses able to host up to 8 and 7 people respectively, each one with a beautiful terrace, with marvelous views and superb sunsets. And there is a pool!

We are eager to help you discover the Maremma: May and June are particularly beautiful with the brooms in full bloom, as well as September, October and November, with the olives to be cropped, and the chestnuts to be picked up! For more information write to

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