The art of wine tasting

Villa le Barone, a charming Tuscan four star boutique hotel, organizes wine tasting on its premises as well as in the many wineries in Chianti: Greve, Radda, Castellina, Gaiole….. A perfect place to enjoy the wine-style of “Chiantishire”, in particular when the time of grape picking has come, when wine festivals are organized, and when the Chianti hills are starting to take autumn colours….

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Wine tasting is a philosophy, an art.  Chianti wineis like its territory and landscapes; it should be discovered slowly, enjoying its colours, scents and flavors.A good wine should be bright and clear and a have a clean, pleasant bouquet.

Use crystal clear glasses which have to be held by the stem in order to not warm wine, especially for whites.
The colour of the wine can give an idea about its age: aged red wines usually lose a bit of their colour, while white wines gain some.

Now, sniff deeply into the glass, then swirl the liquid in the glass an inhale it again. A symphony of aromas will rise in your nose, some floral, wood and red fruity scents for red wines, while vanilla or citrus characterize white wines. A wine’s aroma is an excellent sign of its quality and personality. The Chianti Classico DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita), for example, usually has a perfume of fresh tobacco leaves. After having enjoyed the perfume, you will be ready to enjoy the taste: don’t rush, take your time. Chew the wine like food, so as to involve your palate as well as the receptors on the tongue; breathe it to enjoy its aroma. Some wines might be refreshing, others wines might be velvety (especially for aged red wines), salty, sour and sometimes prickly because of its tannins, a characteristic of young red wines.

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