Concerts in Tuscany and Chianti close to Villa le Barone

Some concerts during the International Music Festival Linari Classic will be held at the Castello della Peneretta close to Villa le Barone in Tuscany

The International Music Festival Linari Classic takes place every year in Chianti and in Tuscany close to our charming hotel Villa le Barone. This year the festival will be held in July. Amongst other venues are Castello di Volpaia,  Castello della Paneretta, Badia a Coltibuono, and Pieve Sant’Appiano.

After 11 years of wonderful concerts as part of the Linari Classic International Music Festival, Airdrie Armstrong, the Artistic Director organizes eight concerts that will be held from June 30th to July 28th. Many of the concerts will take place in various private Tuscan locations specially opened for this festival. Famous musicians will participate and these events should not be missed.
Among the musicians are the Schubert Ensemble of London who will play on July 14 at the Castello della Paneretta with a program including quartets from Gustav Mahler, Robert Schuman and Anton Dvorak. The concert will be followed by a dinner enabling the public to meet the artists and the other music lovers attending the concert.

Volpaia,in Tuscany, close to Villa le barone, where some concerts of the International Music Festival Linari Classic will be held

The Nash Ensemble will perform at Castello di Nipozzano on 24 July with works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Bela Bartok, Igor Stravinsky, and Johannes Brahms. The Dutch mezzo soprano, Rosanne van Sandwijk accompanied by pianist Hans Eijsackers will play at Castello di Volpaia,  bringing to the festival  the charm of Lieder. Here also a dinner will follow.
We hope that the announcement of the International Music Festival in Tuscany, Linari Classic, will incite you to stay in the wonderful environment of our countryside  hotel Villa le Barone, and to take advantage of the many concerts that will take place throughout  July in these beautiful superb Tuscan settings selected for the festival .