Dive into Renaissance Treasures

Stay at Villa le Barone, and discover the Renaissance artistic masterpieces! Take an holiday in Tuscany, or just a Renaissance week-end break, and benefit from our

Special Holiday Package “Rinascimento”

which includes, among others, free pre-reserved tickets for theUffizi Museum in Florence!

At Villa le Barone, property of the famous sculptors and ceramists Della Robbia family since the XVIth century, you are in the heart of Tuscany and you understand why this  name is synonymous with harmony and artistic achievements. From Villa le Barone,  on your own  or with an accredited guides, you will be able to discover the  major Renaissance cities, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano,  their treasures and the masterpieces of the most renown artists, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Boticelli

You will also dive into the Tuscan and Chianti landscapes and architecture. You will soak in the aroma and tastes of Chianti Classico. We will provide you with hiking, biking, and automotive itineraries, enabling you to enjoy Tuscany and Chianti Out of the beaten track, allowing you to discover the medieval hamlets and castles nested in the olive groves and vineyards…

and after a wonderful day, you will be able to relax on one of Villa le Barone’s many terraces, near by the swimming pool, in one of the lounges, or in the bar.

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