Hotel Villa le Barone, in Chianti, Tuscany, announces the winners of its 2012 photo competition

Chianti Landscape - Mitch Freedman
Chianti Landscape - Mitch Freedman

The yearly photographic competition organized by the luxury boutique hotel Villa le Barone in Tuscany is always a great success.

After long deliberations of the jury, we now know the winners of the 2012 contest! The photo competition will also take place in 2013.

Nearly 300 pictures from Guests having stayed in the Villa in 2012 were received for the contest. The pictures were focused on the Chianti region and the Villa: views, gardens, birds, terraces, lounges, rooms …. The first prize of the competition is a two days stay for two people in Villa le Barone, the second  a one day stay, and the 10 following prizes are a bottle of Chianti Classico wine.  The jury, composed of photography experts from many parts of the world, had a difficult time making its selection, given the high quality of all submissions.

The first 2 winners of the photo competition are:

  • Mitch Freedman, for the overall quality of his submission and in particular his pictures “Chianti landscape” and “San Francis in the Vineyards”, has won  2 days in Villa le Barone
  • Cecilia Betancourt, in particular for her picture “Foggy Chianti hills”, has won 1 day in Villa le Barone
Foggy Chianti hills - Cecilia Betancourt
Foggy Chianti hills - Cecilia Betancourt

The following applicants have won a bottle of Chianti Classico:

  • Jo Drake, for the series of butterflies’ pictures
  • Bonnie Goldsmith, for his picture “Chianti Classico vineyards seen from Villa le Barone”
  • Julie Rodrigue-Carbonola,  for her picture  “Fruit platter on Villa le Barone’s buffet”
  • Malcolm Travelstead, in particular for his picture “ A  dove “
  •  Susan Laudato, in particular for her picture “ Flowers  and tea cup”
  • Gerald Bek- Areschew, for his picture “ View of the San Leolino church  trough Villa le Barone’s  berberis”
  • Manuela Frigg, for her night and sunset pictures
  • Cathy Huff, in particular for her picture “ Chianti Black Rooster on a loggia at Villa le Barone”
  • Cornis Van der Lugt, for his picture “ Poppy in Chianti fields”

Members of the Jury were:

  • Angélique Droessaert, Artistic Photography,
  • Barbara Di Palma, réception,Villa le Barone
  • Blanche de Crepy, Directrice, Tectona,
  • Chantal Nedjib, Founder, L’image par l’image agency,
  • Ellen Schneiders, Architecture and Townplanning, winner of the 2011 photocompetition
  • Robin Calderon,  Painter,

The boutique hotel Villa le Barone is organizing again the photo competition  for 2013!