Hotel decoration in Tuscany

Villa le Barone's craftman painter: Patrizio's trompe l'oeil
Villa le Barone’s craftman painter: Patrizio’s trompe l’oeil

Great care is taken at Villa le Barone for the decoration of the Hotel: choice of fabrics, carpets, color associations. Each detail is carefully looked at!

Villa le Barone takes great care in its decor and “the devil is in the detail”: we are an historic hotel, with wonderful authentic antique furniture and paintings, but fabrics need to be renewed, bathrooms redone, bedroom colors revisited, shutters … .Each room has a different character and decor, accordingly every year for more than three weeks Patrizio, our craftsman painter with his two assistants, exerts his talents at Villa le Barone. There is much to do: paint the baseboards of the rooms and highlight them with a colored rim associated with the color of the fabrics; choose colors for the door moldings; imagine a small “trompe l’oeil “; frame the windows with a border.

Villa e Barone a junior suite
Villa e Barone a junior suite

It’s Patrizio himself who prepares the paint by making mixtures to find the right color and shade. Choosing the type of paint depending on the media and place to protect, bathroom, exterior or interior doors … Patrizio also intervened in the apartment we rent in the Palazzo Larderel in Via Tornabuoni in Florence!… And in addition to Patrizio, several other Tuscan craftsmen are intervening on Villa le Barone: cabinet maker to maintain our antique furniture, upholsterer, metalworker. Villa le Barone is more than ever dedicated to maintaining an authentic and elegant decoration for its Guests!