Gardens in the fall in Tuscany

Toscane: Villa le Barone in the fall
Toscane: Villa le Barone in the fall

Villa le Barone’s gardens in Tuscany have taken their fall colors. Summer is still here but fall is looming with colorful berry shrubs, autumn fruits and the last flowers before the gardens slowly go to sleep.

The sun is still warm, but the light is already softer. The lagerstroemias, lined up on the terrace reserved to them, are still very beautiful, with their bouquets of pink flowers. They mingle with barberry with their magnificent yellow or orange berries that Amira uses to make beautiful bouquets in the entrance of Villa le Barone. The roses are blooming again around the olive trees and near the pool. In the garden of the ”garden house” where the flowers are also picked to prepare the bouquets that will welcome our guests in their rooms, there are dahlias in full bloom, red dark, purple, white… And of course, there are the geraniums, cosmos, nasturtiums and morning glories which have blossomed all summer long…!

Villa le Barone's gardens in the fall
Villa le Barone’s gardens in the fall

Fig trees on the landscaped terraces offer ripe and sugary fruits for the restaurant and some of our guests know where to find them! In the orchard, some apples, pears, quinces…are ripening.
This year, the olive harvest, due to happen in November, promises to be good. Our extra virgin olive oil will be exquisite!

And going back to the Villa, after this visit of the gardens, we can see the first red and purple leaves appearing in the ivy covering the facade. In a few weeks we will admire the flamboyant and spectacular colors that fall is bringing, last fireworks before Villa le Barone closes until it reopens for Easter!