In a boutique hotel in Chianti, Tuscany: a delicious breakfast

Schiacciata con l'uva at Villa le Barone's breakfast

Villa le Barone, a boutique hotel in the heart of Chianti, welcomes you with an authentic Tuscan cuisine. In autumn, the homemade “schiacciata con l’uva” is on the breakfast table, together with many other delights!

In Tuscany, many pastries were prepared with dough to which condiments and seasonal products, such as rosemary, olives or fruits were added, depending on the season. In autumn, it is the “schiacciata con l’uva” (grape cake) that was prepared, especially in the provinces of Florence and Prato.
As is often the case in Tuscan cooking, this is a dish of peasant origin, prepared at the time of the grape harvest season. The ingredients are simple: flour, sugar, olive oil and black grapes. Traditionally the “canaiolo” (also called Canaiolo nero or Uva Canina), a red grape with small berries which accounts for 5-10% of the composition of Chianti, is used.

Chianti vineyard close to Villa le Barone

The “schiacciata con l’uva” is an “easy to make” cake and our Tuscan cooks, Fernanda and Edi, prepare it each fall for the breakfast buffet.
Here is their recipe: mix 300g of flour, 200g sugar, 1 whole egg, 100 ml of olive oil and 200 ml of milk until the obtention of a fine and soft dough.  Add a packet of yeast, mix again and add “at will” the grapes with a few walnuts. Pour the dough into the pie plate, add grapes and walnut pieces on the top, sprinkle with powdered sugar (it will make a delicious golden crust). Bake 40 minutes at 180 °.

This cake is exquisite! Come in Tuscany and enjoy the “schiacciata con l’uva”  in our charming boutique hotel in the Chianti countryside, where the vines are already beginning to take the fall colors!