Villa le Barone’s Garden Scents

May 26, 2015  |  Hotel
Villa le Barone: one of the garden with mock, roses, geranium ...

Villa le Barone: one of the garden with mock, roses, geranium …

 Subtle scents and wonderful fragrances: this is what you will find in the gardens of Villa le Barone. Odoriferous trees and shrubs as well as aromatic plants offer our nostrils remarkable sensations.

The spring renewal of nature brings many pleasures: beautiful scenery with a range of multiple greens as well as flowers that adorn the trees together with scents and perfumes.

There are of course the acacias, with their wonderfully perfumed white flowers that attract bees. But as of May, Acacia flowering is nearly over and it is now the turn of the Lime tree over the breakfast and dinner terrace, weather permitting, to embalm the atmosphere! Bees come with joy to gather the pollen of the flowers!

The Mock, with its small white flowers spreads its sweet smell around; honeysuckle, climbing here and there exhales its delicate fragrance… and before long, jasmine will delight our sense of smell: it adorns a bench from which you can admire the wonderful Chianti landscape, it perfumes the terrace of room 15, it perfumes the bottom of the stairs of our “Fattoria” building. Lavender by the pool is still in bud… In a small part of the flower garden,you can also discover the scent of verbena leaves, crumpling them between your fingers!

Villa le Barone: Edi the cook has picked up sage for dinner

Villa le Barone: Edi the cook has picked up sage for dinner

And of course there are all the scents of the aromatic plants that Edi, our Tuscan cook, harvests in the garden, with which she perfumes the delicious Tuscan dishes served at our restaurant! Edi picks up from our garden rosemary, mint, tarragon, thyme, basil, sage (do you know that there are over 100 different sage species?)…

You have to bend down a bit to enjoy the wonderful perfumes and scents of roses! Villa le Barone has nearly one hundred different species of roses in different beds surrounding olive trees and Amira will come to cut roses up to prepare the bouquet waiting for you in your room!

The sense of smell is certainly the most mysterious of our senses: it can sometimes suddenly bring back very old memories. Meet nature in the Chianti countryside and enjoy scents and fragrances of trees, shrubs and all of the plants in the gardens of Villa le Barone.

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