2017 Spring in Tuscany

Villa le Barone's entrance in spring
Villa le Barone’s entrance in spring

Have you ever spent a spring holiday in Chianti in Tuscany? It is a magnificent season, especially in the countryside and the hills of Chianti …Forget the rain, forget the grey! Enjoy the Tuscan sun, the quiet art cities and the flowery countryside! Chianti is superb in springtime! And Villa le Barone’s new heated pool will be open!

Villa le Barone’s gardens are particularly spectacular in spring. The colors and perfumes are exploding everywhere! In March the almond trees are blooming, then it will be the turn of the apricot trees, of the cherry trees, of the plum trees; the acacias are covering themselves with white perfumed flowers. Our gardens are illuminated by the yellow of the forsythias, by the white of the spiraea. The bulbs planted by our gardeners, daffodils, hyacinths, muscaris, tulips, also mix all the colors: yellow, red, orange, white, blue … Lawns and meadows take on a soft green color, dotted with daisies, gold dandelions, blue viper’s bugloss … The wisteria on the breakfast terrace is in bloom, and the jasmine embalmers. … And you can also hear the whistling blackbird, and watch all the birds busy making their nests.

A corner of Villa le Barone's garden in spring
A corner of Villa le Barone’s garden in spring


It is the time to make superb hikes or bike tours to admire this metamorphosis. We have prepared for our guests itineraries to discover the small roads in the Tuscan countryside, lightened up by the broom. But it is also possible to enjoy the spring atmosphere of the art cities of Tuscany, Florence, Siena and San Gimignano. Of course, you cannot miss Villa le Barone’ s “spring” offer: a visit the Uffizi Museum and Botticelli’s famous work “Le Printemps”, or a visit to Pitti palace!

A few days of holiday in Tuscany in the spring will leave you unforgettable memories. Spring is magical and this is especially true in the heart of Chianti, when nature is in full renaissance! And, our new heated pool will be open!