Driving and Parking in Hotel Villa le Barone

Ferrari at Villa le Barone

Coming to Villa le Barone from the airports of Florence and Pisa is very easy and already gives a taste of Chianti.

A nice parking welcomes guests and their cars. Villa le Barone gets   all types of cars, from the Fiat Panda to the Ferrari, the Lamborghini or the Porsche.

It takes about 1 hour (35km) to come from Florence airport to Villa le Barone. When you  leave the airport, follow the signs towards the highway (“autostrada”) to “Rome.” Take the exit “Impruneta” (toll) and  take, immediately right, the “Superstrada” to “Siena”. Approximately 1 km after, take the exit “Greve in Chianti” and always follow that direction. The road follows the river Greve.  Immediately after the exit, you pass by the very moving WWII American cemetery and then cross the villages of “Ferrone” (notice all the “Teracotta” factories) and  that of “Passo dei Pecorai” (a name that recalls the time when shepherds with their flocks passed in transhumance between the Maremma and the Casentino). After a kilometer or two, you join the SS (Strada Statale) 222, also known as the “Chiantigiana”. Turn right and continue on this S222, cross “Greti”, cross “Greve” and continue the  road towards “Panzano”, leaving  to the left the road towards Lamole. The windy road climbs, with beautiful views on the Chianti hills. Arrived in the square of “Panzano”(Bucciarelli Square), turn left following the sign indicating “Le Barone”****”. You will see on the right side of the  road a superbly painted cow, drawing the attention to the famous butcher Dario Checchini. Continue going  straight (there is a small roundabou) and turn right at the sign “Villa Le Barone.” Continue for about 1 km. At the end of the descent along an olive grove on your left, you’re there! Welcome at Villa le Barone!

Austin Haley at Villa le Barone

From Pisa airport, it takes about 1h45 (94km) to arrive at Villa Barone. Take the “Superstrada” towards Florence and after about 63 km take the exit “Ginestra.” (Do not follow the instructions given by  the GPS that will tell you to continue on the ”superstrada” and then the highway:  the ride would be longer and less enjoyable!). Continue on the road towards ”Cerbaia” and  then “San Casciano Val di Pesa.” In “San Casciano Val di Pesa,” follow the signs “all directions”, then “Siena” and  then left “Greve in Chianti.” Almost immediately after leaving San Casciano note on the right the beautiful Villa Medicis, Villa le Corti.  You are then going to go through “Mercatale” and “Quattro Strade”. Then at the next intersection, leave the direction “Greve” and take that of  “Panzano”. The  entire route offers great views. Arriving  in “Panzano”, the road goes right after a round about and after a few recently built homes, you get to the main road:  turn left towards “Florence” and  then immediately right, following  the sign “Le Barone ****”. At the T junction turn right, then right again at  the new sign “Le Barone.” Continue until the end of the descent along an olive grove on the left and you’re there! Welcome at Villa le Barone!

Villa le Barone’s parking greets all brands of rental cars, but it also receives Ferrari or Porsche. They come in “individual” or as a group with their Ferrari or Porsche Club. And there are often also beautiful vintage cars!
Guests are enjoying the pleasure of driving, outstanding views and the hospitality of Villa le Barone, a historic hotel rental in the heart of the Chianti hills.