Forget about stress in Chianti countryside!

Forgetting  stress and relax at Villa le Barone in Chianti
Forgetting stress and relax at Villa le Barone in Chianti

You want to forget about stress and to take relaxing vacations, but you wonder where?

One of the best spot is certainly the boutique hotel Villa le Barone in the Chianti countryside, where you will find the conditions that will bring you stress relief : you can practice meditation in front of the most stupendous landscapes, there are plenty of books in many languages in the library and dispersed all over the hotel, you can draw and paint, you can enjoy a healthy Mediterranean diet, you can also exercise and perform many sports: hiking, cycling, swimming in the new infinity pool…

More and more people are feeling stressed today: work, family, health, pressures of various kinds, and many suggestions to bring stress relief are listed on the web, suggestions that can be put in practice at Villa le Barone.

  • Meditating: you will find in Villa le Barone many hideouts where to rest, contemplating the stupendous Chianti hills,
  • Reading: in Villa le Barone‘s many lounges, in the rooms, there are books in many languages and of various types: fiction, non-fiction, art, history, memories…
  • Painting, drawing: there are so many spots for outside painting, and many watercolors, oils, pastels given by guests are decorating one of our lounge,
  • Photographing: so many things to photograph, giving a lot of space to creativity! And Villa le Barone is organizing each year a photo competition,
  • Exercising: there are plenty of hiking and cycling possibilities around, and guests will be given corresponding itineraries , but there is also a fitness trail, a tennis, and an infinity heated salted pool,
  • Eating: … and Eating right! At Villa le Barone, we eat Slow Food, with the Mediterranean diet, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, eco labelled meat and extra virgin olive oil…
  • Sleeping well: The rooms are well decorated , quiet… and there are very good mattresses and pillows, of the best brands,
Contemplating and reading  in Chianti at Villa le Barone
Contemplating and reading in Chianti at Villa le Barone

Indeed, come in Chianti in our boutique hotel, Villa le Barone and forget about stress!