Olive Harvest in Chianti

Olives harvest at Villa le Barone in Chianti
Olives harvest at Villa le Barone in Chianti

We have just completed the olives harvest. We have brought them to the oil mill in Panzano in Chianti, and we got a delicious oil, beautifully green, delicately scented, that you will be able to enjoy at Villa Barone.

We also harvested olives in our Villa near the golf course Ugolino and in Maremma where we will get a splendid oil certified Agriqualità.

Every year the end of the season at Villa Barone means the beginning of the olive harvest in the property. It is indeed late October or early November, when the olives begin to turn from green to black, that the harvest begins in Tuscany. Nets were extended under the trees, ladders were installed, and it is by hand with a kind of comb or with a small machine that the olives are picked on the tree. What a work! But it was pleasant to be outside in this beautiful autumn, and all of us were happy to see the boxes filling up! Then we immediately brought the olives to the mill, as the quality of the oil depends upon the speed with which they are pressed after harvest. 48 hours maximum! Cleaning and washing the olives, crushing, mixing at a temperature below 27 °, centrifuging, and you get this wonderful cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Do you know that to produce about 1.4 l of oil it takes 14 kg of olives?

Extra virgin olive oil prepared with Villa le Barone's olives
Extra virgin olive oil prepared with Villa le Barone’s olives

We also picked olives in the Villa we rent near the golf of Ugolino, Villa il Rough  and in our “Fattoria” in Maremma . Again, we will have a beautiful oil, pure fruit juice, natural product that doesn’t contain preservatives or additives. Our olive trees do not undergo any treatment and our oil is certified Agriqualità.
We wait for you to visit Chianti and taste our delicious and precious olive oil!