The art of travel: the “Grand Tour”

A delicatessen shop  in Tuscany
A delicatessen shop in Tuscany

Traveling, as done by the travelers of the past centuries who did the “Grand Tour”, is an art, and Tuscany, one of the most important destination for the Grand Tour, is certainly still a major destination to enjoy the “art of travel”, to discover beautiful landscapes, to observe different culture and habits, to meet local inhabitants, to visit their homes…

Traveling is definitely an art: taking the time to discover new places, stopping to admire the scenery, meeting the locals, understanding their culture and their traditions. These are experiences that leave unique and unforgettable memories. Travelers of the 18th and 19th centuries also took the time to write travel diaries and scrapbooks! It is indeed at this time that the phenomenon of the “Grand Tour” has developed. The objectives were to enhance the artistic and linguistic knowledge of young men after their graduation, to help them becoming familiar with foreign cultures and traditions. It was also expected that they would make valuable contacts for their future life. Italy was a most important destination of the Grand Tour, and many European writers and artists, such as Byron, Goethe, Stendhal, to name just a few, enjoyed their travels in Tuscany. Later on, the publication of the first guidebooks and the development of new transport means has resulted in an increasing number of people traveling, and leisure travel has been slowly replacing the “Grand Tour”.

A coffee restaurant in Tuscany
A coffee restaurant in Tuscany

Today traveling is too often just moving fast from one end to the other of the planet, with the quick visit of three or four Italian cities like Venice or Florence … But one cannot pretend to know Italy in such a way! One need to stay several days in one place, to soak up its atmosphere, to explore hidden places away from the crowds and the usual clichés!

Villa le Barone, an antique patrician Villa immersed in the Chianti countryside is providing to its guests a unique and unforgettable experience, with its furniture and original paintings, and with its magnificent views. You will meet the owners, heirs of this family property, and they will share with you the story of this most beautiful part of the world. Similarly, the staff working there for several years, will present to you various activities that will allow you to uncover the local traditions: cooking classes, painting classes, guided visits, wine tastings, personalized itineraries off the beaten track…
As a Grand Tour traveler, discover the art of travel in Tuscany and Chianti!