Tuscan countryside and landscapes

Tuscan countryside in Villa le Barone
Tuscan countryside in Villa le Barone

The Tuscan countryside and its landscape is famous throughout the world, and offers so many opportunities for unforgettable experiences!

Tuscan hamlets, castles and churches to discover, Tuscan food to enjoy, wines to taste, hikes, car excursions out of the beaten tracks. Villa le Barone, in a protected environment, will help you discover this unique Tuscan countryside. Following are 8 first suggestions for our guests:

  1. Discover tiny Tuscan hamlets and “Castelli” between Siena Pisa and Florence, and stroll through medieval villages far from tourism crowds: you feel as those small towns are frozen as they were nearly one century ago,
  2. Look for towers dominating small villages on the top of hills, some of them, such as Monteriggioni or Montefioralle, still totally surrounded by the original walls built to protect the inhabitants during the Middle Ages,
  3. Enjoy Tuscan food: a general rule is that in any Italian countryside the food is much better than in large cities, and this is particularly true in Tuscany: the food is genuine, fresh, perfumed,
  4. Taste wine: If you love wine, then you’re going to be busy in Tuscany and in particular in Chianti! There are so many towns and vineyards known for the superior quality of their wines, and it seems that wherever you go you’re served another glass better than the one before. The wine list at Villa le Barone has been carefully selected to reflect this diversity,
  5. Don’t be afraid of driving: the roads in Tuscany and Chianti have many curves … some of them are still dirt roads. You might get lost, but this is the best way to discover the true Tuscan countryside! At Villa le Barone, you will find itineraries to discover places out of the beaten track,
  6. Walk or hike: Another way to discover Tuscan landscapes is to hike, and for hiking enthusiasts, hotel Villa le Barone has prepared for its guests a number of hikes around the hotel,
  7. Visit monasteries and churches: immersed in the solitude of the countryside, close to Villa le Barone, are some spectacular monasteries and abbeys such as Monte Oliveto Maggiore or Badia a Passignano, and you will also be able to admire many lovely small churches,
  8. Spend a few nights surrounded by the Tuscan countryside: you will enjoy a protected environment, admire magnificent landscapes, hear the birds, smell all the perfumes that the countryside offers, watch the stars, taste local products. Staying at hotel Villa le Barone, in Greve in Chianti, just between Florence and Siena is certainly one of the best ways to experience genuine Tuscan countryside!