Family vacations in Tuscany: in the footsteps of the Renaissance

I think I have already said that, as a member of Abitare la Storia, a part of Historic Hotels of Europe, I went through many periods of history, but the Renaissance brought me, as well as Tuscany and the whole world, major changes. This period, extending from 14th to 16th century, has witnessed so many discoveries, be they scientific, technical, and intellectual renewal.

It has witnessed the birth of Humanism, and has brought new cultural, philosophical and political paths, placing Man at the centre of the world and bringing new human values. Florence or Siena and San Gimignano, are vibrant examples of the Renaissance. Under the leadership of Princes and other patrons of the art like the Medici, churches, and palaces are built. They order frescoes, paintings and sculptures. Tuscany then radiates throughout the world and stands as a model.

No, I’m not exaggerating! All books and curricula will tell you: this period in history, fundamental to the development of the Western world we know today, took off here, under the Tuscan sun
Want to see by yourself, and want to show your children? So why not enjoy the autumn holidays to explore Tuscany with your family, and walk in the footsteps of the Renaissance? Sculptors, painters, builders, architects … all have left a testimony in Chianti and the heart of Tuscany. Have faith in historic Hotel Villa Le Barone!

I can boast myself for having taken part in this amazing momentum: since the 16th century, the Della Robbia family, the famous sculptors potters, and their heirs have been living in my walls. If you ask nicely, a presentation on the work of Della Robbia may be made for you, and you will find on my shelves different books that will tell you everything about the Renaissance. You will also be able to admire in the church of San Leolino, 5 minutes walk from Villa le Barone, two tabernacles from Giovanni Della Robbia. We will also provide you with itineraries to help you explore different aspects of my surroundings!

Do not wait and go on a vacation into the heart of the Renaissance. But, from time to time, escape of monuments and paintings, and enjoy a bit of sport: hiking, biking, playing tennis (I have one on my property with a wonderful view over the Chianti hills) or playing golf (20 minutes away!).

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