“Made in Italy”: Luxury Shaving sets

Made in Italy: luxury shaving sets

Luxury shaving sets are produced close to Florence, and exported worldwide. They can be found at the boutique hotel Villa le Barone! The Italian craftsmanship is alive and well alive. Rediscover the pleasure of shaving!

Brushes, razors, blades, soaps and creams, shaving, this is a whole shaving collection  that “Il Ceppo”,  a small company established in  1964 and located  in Scandicci close to  Florence, offers

Shaving has a long history .The Egyptians shaved completely for reasons of hygiene, but also for reasons of beauty and status. The razor blades were then in gold. In the Roman times, the blades were made ​​of bronze and iron. The “cut-throat” razors which appeared in the 16th century and , that barbers used, consists of a blade sliding into the handle after use in order to insure safety. Many inventors tried later to create a safe and effective razor and in 1904 the American King Camp Gillette patented the disposable razor blades. They were used by the U.S. army during the First World War so that soldiers could shave as the beard made difficult wearing gas mask. The fully disposable razor appeared in the 60s.

To facilitate shaving, barbers were lathering the soap on the face by rubbing it with the hand. The use of the shaving brush made with the hair of badger to apply shaving soap on the face before shaving, appeared in the second half of the 18th century, and spread during the 19th. Used with a shaving soap or shaving cream, the badger brush can create a thick foam that protects the skin and softens the beard hairs when shaving. Badger hair also produces the most relaxing massage effect!

Villa le Barone: the reception

The arrival of disposable razors and electric razors have caused the disappearance of    barbers, and with them also a great fun part of shaving has gone away!. But today, with the emergence of high-quality products, shaving becomes a daily pleasure, a moment of relaxation, a magical moment to start the day in a good mood.

The company “Il Ceppo”, established in 1964, is a small handicraft company , which also works in conjunction with many other small Tuscan enterprises. It has created a superb range of luxury products for shaving, with razors and shaving brushes carefully handmade, reflecting the perfection of Italian elegance. Handles can be in olive wood, in Erica briar wood.all woods from italy.  They can have also different shapes, for exemple in the shape of  “barrels”  to recallTuscany! All those products are exported in many countries where they appear under diverse brand names !

Luxury shaving products “It Ceppo ” can be found in the luxury boutique hotel Villa le Barone, and the sets suitable for travel will certainly be appreciated by  guests!