Made in Italy: the art of lost wax casting in Greve in Chianti

Close to Villa le Barone a Greve in Chianti: the art foundry Del Giudice Leonardo

Who knows that many works of art in bronze, whether classical or contemporary, are produced or reproduced in a lost wax casting foundry in Greve in Chianti?

In the Leonardo Del Giudice e Figli Art Foundry ( the techniques of lost wax casting have been handed down from father to son for generations!
Used in sculpture for over 3000 years before our era, bronze (and also brass) is an alloy made with copper, zinc and tin. The basic technique of lost wax has changed little over the centuries: the model is molded (mold in plaster or in silicone, nowadays) and from this mold, a reproduction of the model is shaped in wax. It is then covered with a mixture of clay and is cooked at very high temperature, with the wax melting down and escaping through “sewers” that have been inserted when making the mold. Then the molten bronze is poured and occupies the place left vacant by the wax. The mold of clay is allowed to cool and then broken to show the sculpture. The raw masterpiece is then filed down, hammered, polished…

Mercurio da Giambologna: copy made at the art foundry Del Giudice Leonardo close to Villa le Barone

Visit the Del Giudice foundry; it  is fascinating: one is  amazed by the workshop, that you could with a little imagination put back in the Renaissance period  even though solutions made available by modern technology are part of the process.
The Del Giudice Foundry produces for many known contemporary sculptors from all parts of the world. For example Marina Tombes, the Dutch sculptor who has exhibited some of her works at  Villa le Barone this summer. The Foundry has also produced numerous works at the request of cities and museums. On top of this, Sarah Del Giudice is also an admired sculptor.

Discover the hidden traditions and the art of the “Made in Italy.”  The del Giudice lost wax casting foundry, in Greve in Chianti is a most interesting example to visit close to Villa le Barone!