Painting in Tuscany: Watercolor and Travel Sketchbook

Travel sketchbook

The Travel Sketchbook is a very particular kind of painting   that reflects travel in its broadest sense: inner journey, discovery of a country or region, tour around a theme… it keeps memories lively and personal.

A Travel Sketchbook is filled with Sketches and Watercolors made on the spot. It reflects nature, people met, local cuisine, territories, landscapes, monuments… To create a Sketchbook, even more so than for a Painting or a Watercolor, you must take your time  … and observe; you have to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and to catch the light, the colors, the quirk of people. When the Travel Sketchbook is finished, it is more than just photographs, postcards or videos that you are bringing back home: you are bringing back the memory of a thousand intense and unforgettable moments that are immortalized permanently on your sketchbook pages!
The charm of the Travel Sketchbook lies also in its layout: You can mix different techniques (drawings, watercolors, collages and texts). You may also wish to attach to the book a number of items collected during your trip such as fragments of newspaper, brochures, maps, museum tickets, receipts, … and you might enjoy  writing yourself a text in the middle of the sketches and watercolors. As a matter of fact, writing itself can become a drawing!

Everyone can make a Travel Sketchbook. Doing so allows one to express and develop its own creativity while keeping the memory of a landscape, a special moment, people met during the trip …

Travel sketchbook Lucca

During the workshop “Watercolor and Travel Sketchbook” organized by Pauline Fraisse in both French and English ( at Villa le Barone in Tuscany October 19 to 25, 2013, you will create your own Travel Diary in Chianti. Villa le Barone, close to local markets and immersed in the Tuscan hills dotted with medieval villages, purple vineyards  olive groves, is the ideal setting  to draw a Travel Sketchbook. It will also be amusing to taste Tuscan gastronomy and at the same time sketch the cooks or the lively Tuscan markets!  By the end of the workshop, if you are a beginner, you will have acquired sufficient knowledge to create other travel sketchbooks!

Other Painting and Watercolor courses are organized at Villa le Barone!  From May 16 to May 22, Jean François Grillard (, drawing and painting teacher in Neuilly sur Seine, will be at Villa le Barone for the seventh time!. From October 8 to Octobr 14, Jann Pollard (,  a famous American Watercolor painter  organizes a workshop in English.

Come to Villa le Barone, an Historic Country  Hotel in Chianti in Tuscany  and  Paint, Draw, practice Watercolor or create your own Travel Sketchbook!