The 30th International Biennial Antique Fair in Florence

Palazzo Corsini Biennale del Antiquariato Florence
Palazzo Corsini Biennale dell’Antiquariato Florence

The 30th International Biennial Antique Fair will be held in Florence from 23 September to 1st October 2017, and, at this occasion, you will also be able to visit in the Palazzo Larderel Via Tornabuoni the wonderful gallery of Brun Fine Art.

Florence, the Renaissance city internationally known for its monuments, paintings and works of art will host, from 23rd September to 1st October 2017, the 30th International Biennial Antique Fair (BIAF) in the magnificent Palazzo Corsini: 80 Italian and foreign galleries will present more than 3000 work of arts, paintings, sculptures, drawings, design furniture. All works exhibited are selected by a vetting commission to check their value and authenticity. Matteo Corvino, the Venetian interior designer has done the scenography to showcase the exhibition. And from the terrace of the Palazzo Corsini, one can enjoy a superb view on the Arno River.

Art at the Antiquarian Il Quadrifoglio Palazzo Larderel Via Tornabuoni Florence
Art at the Antiquarian Il Quadrifoglio, Palazzo Larderel Via Tornabuoni, Florence

One of the major antiquarian exhibiting in the Antique fair will be Brun fine Art a leading art gallery  collaborating with interior designers from all over the world such as Celeste Dell’Anna, on multiple projects both in Italy and in London or the studio Giorio Casa in Beijing. Brun Fine Art has galleries in London, Milan. In Florence in the Palazzo Larderel 19 Via Tornabuoni, the Gallery  normally accessible only on appointment , will be opened during the BIAF. The Palazzo Larderel is a beautiful Palace designed by Giovanni Antonio Dosio in the 15th century that, still today, is one of the most perfect examples of Florence architecture of that period.