“Chianti Classico” wine and genuine Tuscan cuisine.

The new logo of the 2013 Chianti Classico Black Rooster

The « Chianti Classico » appellation goes back to 1716, but, increasingly praised all over the world, the condition of its production has been more and more controlled with the adoption of the Black Rooster trademark.

New changes have been decided in the Chianti Classico production processes, to improve quality and traceability. The Black Rooster trademark has also been revamped.
The Etruscans were already producing wines in Chianti more than 2000 years ago, but it was in 1716 that  Cosimo III, Grand Duke of Tuscany, officially limited the Chianti Production region to an area lying between the cities of Florence and Siena, where the wine produced was already much appreciated. As Chianti wines enjoyed increasing success, wine began to be also produced outside of this  circumscribed zone and was called, “Chianti-style“ wine.
This is why producers of the original Chianti, in order  to defend their own wine, founded in 1924 the “Consortium for the production of the Typical Chianti wine and its mark of origin”, now called “Consorzio  Vino Chianti Classico”. The trademark chosen was the Black Rooster, (Gallo Nero), historic symbol of the Chianti Military League and depicted by Giorgio Vasari on the ceiling of Palazzo Vecchio’s  “Salone dei Cinquecento” in Florence.
In 1932 a specific ministerial decree was issued to distinguish Chianti made in its zone of origin by adding the “Classico” suffix. The Chianti Classico is the wine made within the original production territories covering the cities of Castellina, Gaiole, Greve and Radda in Chianti as well as  parts of Barberino Val d’Elsa, Castelnuovo Berardenga,  Poggibonsi, San Casciano, and Tavarnelle Val di Pesa.  Only this wine is entitled to bear the historic Black Rooster Symbol and to be called “Chianti Classico”.

Grape harvesting in the Chianti Classico region (Panzano in Chianti)

At the occasion of Chianti Classico Collection’s 2013 event in Florence, the Consorzio del Chianti Classico Gallo Nero announced a number of changes  leading to a “revamping “of the Chianti Classico wine, with two objectives :  improving quality of the wine and its traceability.  Top quality will be the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione (Grapes must be grown by the winery itself, 30 months minimum ageing requirements, stricter technical and sensory parameters),  then the Chianti Classico Riserva  with new chemical and organic parameters and finally the Chianti Classico. All Chianti Classico wines will have to be certified by the relevant controlling organizations.  Also, the Black Rooster trademark has been given a new graphic design.
The historic Hotel Villa le Barone will follow the implementation of these changes with great attention. As our guests know, Villa le Barone, in the heart  of the Chianti Classico production area, is committed to serve to its guests the best Chianti Classico wines together with its genuine Tuscan cuisine.
Villa le Barone is also pleased to organize wine tastings in selected  wineries in the Chianti Classico region and, during the season, on the main terrace of the Hotel.  Many of our offers also include a free wine tasting.