Savour authentic Tuscan cuisine in Chianti, at Villa le Barone and enjoy the pleasure of taking a cooking class

Fresh vegetables used at Villa le Barone

One of the pleasures of travel is the discovery of local cuisine. Tuscan cuisine is one of the most famous regional cuisines and it is this authentic cuisine that Villa le Barone serves to its hosts in Chianti.

It is a fragrant and tasty cuisine made in a simple fashion with fresh ingredients. It uses healthy extra-virgin eco-labeled olive oil, which comes from our farm “Vecchienna”  . Our dinners, served on the terrace weather permitting, begin with a buffet of “antipasti”, with fresh green salads, tomatoes, the famous “bruschetta “, a great variety of “crostini “(little tasty toasts), grilled eggplant, small artichokes… Then you can enjoy a first course: you can choose between many different kinds of pasta, or a” risotto” or a soup such as”minestrone” or “ribolitta”. For the main course, our Tuscan cooks, Fernanda and Edi, will give you the choice between a  poultry dish,such as” pollo al vin santo “or guinea fowl with olives and meat  dishes: “tagliatta alla rucola” (piece of grilled filet, cut into strips, served on a bed of arugula, seasoned with lemon juice and covered with thin slices of parmesan ), or “straccetti” with scented laurel, or the famous “Bistecca fiorentina” grilled beef rib, all prepared with young  free-range eco labeled  beef. For vegetarians, the cooks are also preparing specific dishes, for example eggplants “alla parmigiana”, “gnudis” (with spinach and ricotta cheese ).  Afterwards, you can enjoy Italian cheeses, of course the “Pecorino” sheep cheese coming from a local small producer, gorgonzola, parmesan… And finally it’s time to get desert: ricotta pie, tiramisu, panna cotta, ice cream or fruit!

We cannot imagine a meal in the Chianti without a good “Chianti Classico” wine and Villa le Barone, located in the heart of Chianti, has selected for its guests the best wines of the region!  Also, at the end the meal, how about tasting a “grappa”, the brandy made with grape marc?

Another extremely pleasant way to discover local culinary traditions is to  take a cooking class.  Villa le Barone’s cook, Fernanda will be delighted to share with you her recipes and her tricks. Hands-on courses are given for two or four people. You will prepare the “bruschetta” toasts, the sauce “Villa le Barone” for pasta, the “peposo”, a typical dish if any, which dates from the Renaissance.. Each recipe is like a postcard!  When you return home you will take pleasure in preparing the dishes you have learned and you will remember the good times of your holiday! You will also be able to treat and surprise your family and friends and share with them happy tasty moments!
Do not wait! Book quickly now your vacations at the boutique hotel Villa le Barone,  discover  Tuscan cuisine and enjoy the pleasure of a cooking course !