Tuscan food at Hotel Villa le Barone


Typical recipes, local products, cooked on the spot, multi choice menu changing daily, healthy vegetables and meat, local experienced cooks: this is Tuscan food at Villa le Barone! And in addition a soft, quiet, relaxed ambiance for Guests to enjoy their meals…

Tuscan food and meals are extraordinary feasts for all the senses and you can enjoy them fully either in our delightful restaurant or on the terrace in the greenery surrounded by boxwood hedges and hydrangeas.


You need to know the vocabulary and the Italian habits related to Tuscan meals. Following are some tips to help you prepare your trip!
Aperitivo: usually a «Prosecco» wine, the Italian Champagne, which is drunk in order to work up an appetite before the meal… if you are still not hungry from all the sightseeing or if you indulged in one or more midafternoon «gelato» !

  • Prima colazione: breakfast, on this occasion « capuccino », the traditional coffee drink, prepared with espresso, hot milk and foam is a must!
  • Pranzo or Colazione: or lunch from 1pm to 3 pm ; this is the time when most activities stop in Italy and you can enjoy at Villa le Barone a salad, a spaghetti dish, melon with ham, or other light food either by the pool or on the terrace under the chestnuts trees.
  • Merenda: an afternoon snack … tea or coffee with a slice of home baked cake anyone?
  • Cena: or dinner, usually as late as 11 pm, but at Villa le Barone we serve it to our Guests arriving from 7:30 pm to 9 :00 pm … and sometimes later !. At Villa le Barone, dinner has four courses:
    • Antipasto, hot or cold starters, plenty of vegetables raw or cooked, Tuscan typical specialties like Bruschetta (pronounce brewsketta), fried pumpkin flowers…
    • Primo, first course, usually a soup, fresh pasta prepared in many different ways : tagliatelle, ravioli, tortellini, with tomato sauce, with wild boar sauce, with butter and sage, with, with, with…
    • Secondo, the main dish, meats like lamp, wild boar, beef, Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Steak Florentine style) , poultry and rabbit served with all kind of fresh vegetables and, of course, vegetarian dishes!
    • Dolce, or dessert, Panna cotta, Tiramisù, fruit tarts, Torta della Nonna (Grandmother’s pie), Torta di Ricotta, ice creams, or fruit and cheese.
  • Vino: No Tuscan dinners without Tuscan wine and, in Villa le Barone, Chianti Classico is the brand of wines from which to choose! … Ask for a Brunello, if you want, but you’d miss the rich taste of a sip of Chianti Classico!
  • Digestivo: grappa or limoncello, or vinsanto (with «cantucci» biscuits) to conclude the meal.

Eat with pleasure and no afterthoughts, digestion is easy because of the quality of the products, the light cooking and the use of extra virgin olive oil!

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Food is also an item for which you can definitely tick the box with an enthusiastic at Villa le Barone!