A hotel in Chianti

A cellar to visit in Panzano in Chianti , Fontodi

Villa le Barone, on a beautiful hilltop in Chianti, is blessed with views on a superb landscape, rolling hills, hamlets   and on vineyards in the Chianti Classico region. Our guests can relax, visit art cities and enjoy wine tastings!

There are tons of books praising the beauty of Chianti, scores of authors and poets celebrating this magnificent part of Tuscany, dozens of  painters portraying this enchanting part of the world, which has kept its authenticity, its character, its history. Chianti is not only landscapes and rolling hills, it is also beautiful hamlets, castles and villas dotting the countryside, where one can find traces of  the Etruscans, the Romans and the Renaissance’s imprint.

And Chianti is also wine. The culture of wine dates back to the Etruscans, but it is Baron Ricasoli who, in the 18th century, has set the rules for the production of the Chianti wines, which must contain at least 80% of San Giovese grapes   It is in particular the land of the “Chianti Classico”, a wine that has gained  fame all over the world!

Guests of Villa le Barone after a tour in the Chianti Classico wineries

Villa le Barone  has the extraordinary privilege  to  sit in the heart of Chianti, more specifically in Panzano, where the best “Chianti Classico” is produced. Villa le Barone is located  on top of a hill  with panoramic views on the countryside. On one side, you can admire the hills with the vineyards of Molino di Grace, Tenuta degli Dei, Borgo Salcetino…     On another side you can contemplate the Romanesque church of San Leolino. From the terrace of the heart garden,  you can watch the “ Conca d’oro” (the golden bowl ) where a perfect micro climate gives birth to the great Chianti Classico wines: Fontodi, Castello di Rampolla…   We cannot mention all of the wineries around, but Villa le Barone is organizing for its hosts marvelous visits of wineries  and pleasant wine tastings! You can learn about wine making, grape varieties and the art of tasting wine!

Villa le Barone, a charm historic hotel in the middle of Chianti, is blessed by this environment and is happy to share this magnificently preserved territory with its guests.