A swimming pool beautifully set in the Chianti hills near Florence!

Villa le Barone Swimming Pool, in the Heart of Chianti
The swimming pool at Villa le Barone set in the Chianti hills

A swimming pool in harmony with the natural scenery of the Chianti hills, that’s what the boutique hotel Villa le Barone, near Florence, is offering to you. Around the pool, you will find natural nooks to hide in and enjoy tranquility and breathtaking views over the Tuscan hills.

You can access the pool from the terrace under the horse chestnut trees. A small staircase, a gate covered with vine and you enter the pool area, set  into a garden with hedges, roses and lawn. On your right you will find a charming little room where you can get your fluffy towels and another room where you can change (the small building with an heather roof was once part of the farm buildings of the Villa Barone). Choose the place of your deckchair: in the sun or in the shade, under the trees, under an umbrella, a little away on the lawn?  You can isolate yourself at your leisure to read, discuss or swim … or just to enjoy the view over the Chianti hills and the church of San Leolino.   Around the pool you will find the Mediterranean hedge   (…  which has been trimmed to allow  you to see the scenery! )  and roses (especially white “iceberg” roses, orange roses  “tempi moderni ” and several pink roses varieties), rosemary, lavender around which you can admire white and yellow butterflies when it is in bloom, arbutus, laurel, olive trees… If you want to refresh yourself, on the left of the entrance to the pool, another small building offers drinks and ice cream.  At lunch, you can order a light meal: mixed salad (seasoned with extra virgin eco labeled olive oil of our production), tomato and mozzarella, spaghetti, melon and Tuscan ham…). If you wish, you can also go and exercise in the fitness room or on the fitness trail of the Villa. Villa le Barone: the countryside near Florence.

Discover a beautiful swimming pool in Chianti, at the charming hotel Villa le Barone, in the countryside near Florence, a pool that is well integrated in an environment where everything is done for you to enjoy  summer and relax under the Tuscan sun!