An eco-friendly green hotel in Tuscany

Butterfly at Villa le Barone, Tuscany
Butterfly at Villa le Barone, Tuscany

If you wish to spend your vacations in an eco-friendly and green hotel, Villa le Barone in Tuscany is the place to go!

Villa le Barone has adopted truly sustainable management practices: energy and water savings, recycling of glass paper and plastics, use of eco labeled products, food prepared with fresh and locally produced vegetables and fruits. In addition, located in a protected environment, it is surrounded by gardens, trees and a great biodiversity.

As in all Mediterranean countries, and Italy is no exception, water is a precious commodity and Villa le Barone has taken a number of measures to use it wisely: installation of equipments designed for saving water in bathrooms, information to guests asking them, if they agree, to change sheets every other day and to leave in the bath or shower any towels that they would like to be changed.

Energy is really precious: we have installed energy efficient bulbs and, when they need to be replaced, we now use only LED bulbs. We are now buying equipment, such as condensing boilers or washing machines that are energy efficiency certified. Once again our guests are asked to help! In the welcome pack we give them upon arrival, we thank them in advance for turning off lights in their room when they go out and for decreasing the air conditioner’s intensity of upon leaving the room for the day. We also thank them for not opening windows when the air conditioning is on!

Villa le Barone, Tuscany: symphony in green by Ellen Schneiders
Villa le Barone, Tuscany: symphony in green by Ellen Schneiders

We also recycle our waste: cardboard and papers as well as glass or plastic bottles are collected separately by the city of Greve in Chianti. We produce our own compost with the organic wastes produced by our kitchen together with most of the garden waste.

Our restaurant serves biological food: vegetables and fruits are fresh, bought locally, in season. What a taste! Beef comes from our farm, Vecchienna, where we raise free range cattle: no hormones, no antibiotics! It has the label “Agriqualità”, as do our extra virgin olive oil, also produced in our farm as well as in Villa le Barone itself. And the Chianti Classico wine that we serve comes mostly from wine producers from Panzano, who have also adopted biological practices.

Villa le Barone, located in a protected environment, has a rich biodiversity: one guest identified 29 different species of birds on Villa le Barone’s property and 31 in the close vicinity!

Hotel Villa le Barone is proud to contribute to make your travel “responsible” and to offer you a green clean eco-friendly environment.

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