Cooking classes in Chianti

cooking class at Villa le Barone : preparing "peposo"
cooking class at Villa le Barone : preparing “peposo”

Taking a cooking class in Chianti with an authentic Tuscan cook is an opportunity not to be missed. Back home you will then be able to treat your family and friends with a full Tuscan meal!

Fernanda, our Tuscan Cook, organizes cooking classes so that in a matter of approximately two hours (laughing time with Fernanda is not included!) you get you four courses meal ready to be served: you start first by preparing the “peposo”, this traditional stew dish, dating back to the Renaissance when Brunelleschi was building the Dôme of the Cathedral in Florence and feeding his workers with a delicious stew made of beef cuts, tomato pieces, garlic, red onion, a lot of black pepper (hence the name of “Peposo”) and Chianti wine… and while you let the “peposo” simmer slowly during two hours, you prepare the “bruschetta” (pronounce brew-ska-tta), the famous appetizer (“antipasto”) made with tomato, garlic and basil cut in small pieces and left to be marinated in virgin olive oil for one hour before you will put it on small slices of grilled bread: fresh and delicious!

cooking class at Villa le Barone: preparing "tiramisu"
cooking class at Villa le Barone: preparing “tiramisu”

It is now time to start preparing the pasta sauce, with the Villa le Barone‘s vegetarian recipe, made with fresh tasty vegetables that you fry in virgin olive oil: onions, tomatoes, zucchinis, sweet peppers, eggplant. The pasta will be cooked “al dente” at the last moment, just before you eat your meal and then quickly put in the frying pan and mixed with the sauce. It does not take long to prepare the carrots perfumed with rosemary that will be served as a side dish to the “peposo”. And finally the desert, a wonderful “Tiramisu”, the famous dessert, made with alternate layers of a mixture of cream and mascarpone and lady fingers briefly dipped in coffee and Vin Santo (a special sweet wine).And if you want also to prepare “pasta”, just ask!

cooking class at Villa le Barone : preparing tagliatelle
cooking class at Villa le Barone : preparing tagliatelle

In a short time your meal is ready! You can now fold the Villa le Barone apron that you will put away in your suitcase to use when you organize your Tuscan meal at home. It’s now time to go to your lunch on our terrace! and enjoy what you have prepared with a good glass of Chianti!