Crafts in Tuscany

Craftmanship at Villa le Barone, Chianti: the chandelier in the  restaurant
Craftmanship at Villa le Barone, Chianti: the chandelier in the

Quality craftsmanship in Tuscany and Italy is still very much alive in many areas: leather, iron, glass, gilding, jewelry, ceramics …The exhibition “Artigianato e Palazzo” will be held in the gardens of the Palazzo Corsini in Florence from 18 to 21 May is a demonstration of it. Many craftmen are working for Villa le Barone and you can admire their works in our restaurant, in the rooms, in our salons!

In Tuscany and, more generally, in Italy, there are many craftsmen, heirs of a secular tradition, who design and produce superb unique objects, using traditional materials and tools… If you are a little curious and come out of the touristiest places, you will discover in Florence or in other smaller towns the workshops of craftsmen who will be happy to discuss with you and present their know-how!

The 2017 exhibition “Artigianato e Palazzo”, held every year in the beautiful Italian gardens of the Palazzo Corsini in Florence, will take place from 18th to 21st may. It will be the occasion for the visitors to discover the talents of many artisans and admire them at work … (

At Villa le Barone, we are happy to have many local artisans working for us: the chandeliers in our restaurant were made especially for us at Cappelli ( Greve in Chianti, some of our bedside lamps come from Tole Style in Impruneta, other lamps from the glass My Light in Montelupo, lamp shades from Leonardo Becucci…

Visit “Artigianato e Palazzo”, come to Villa le Barone and discover all these talents! We will be happy to present them to you…