Cut flowers from our garden at Villa le Barone in Chianti

Bouquet to welcome guests with flowers  from Villa le Barone's  cutting garden
Bouquet to welcome guests with flowers from Villa le Barone’s
cutting garden

Bouquets of cut flowers from our garden are welcoming our guests in the lounges, the reception, the restaurant and also in the bedrooms! This is part of the charm of Villa le Barone!

Making these bouquets is not easy, but it is a gift that Amira has. And in addition these are bouquets composed with flowers of our cutting garden and are of course different according to the seasons!  In general, Amira chooses, to compose her bouquets, one, two or three kinds of flowers, with colors that harmonize with each other. Currently she has mixes the cosmos, that has so many shades of violets and purple, with the yellow of the rudbeckia. She also uses the dahlias of different types and colors, pompon, single, decorative…, now in full bloom. In the spring we will pick up the tulips, then the roses! In summer we will have gladioli and sunflowers!

Choosing cosmos for guests in the cutting garden Villa le Barone Chianti
Choosing cosmos for guests in the cutting garden Villa le Barone Chianti

But flowers are not enough to make a bouquet. Then foliage, with or without berries, is added to the bouquet … This foliage brings out the beauty of the flowers. Currently, it is the Viburnum tinum with its black berries which is mainly used. In spring it will be the same, but in bloom! Of course the choice of vase is important to stage the cut flowers bouquet, and we have a whole series of different vases to use depending on the size of the bouquets. All flowers come from our cutting garden that we cultivate with passion … and that our hosts can visit if they wish.  At the restaurant it is Giulia who makes the bouquets and the centers of tables, and we will present them to you in another article!

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