An eco-friendly hotel in Tuscany: Villa le Barone, gorgeous gardens

An eco-friendly hotel with gorgeous gardens in Tuscany : Villa le Barone

Hotel Villa le Barone is a four stars luxury eco-friendly hotel in Chianti, Tuscany.

Here in Tuscany, long before “green” was “in fashion”, we were environment friendly and respectful of environment, its beauty and its needs.

At Villa le Barone, you are going to discover again what a respected nature is both naturally and through our everyday actions. Nature is beautiful at Villa Le Barone, where generations have worked continuously to grow vines, olive trees and more generally healthy foods in symbiosis with the land, its water resources, its forests and its fauna. We have further improved what was handed over to us by prior generations by planting many fruit trees , such as apricot, cherry, plum , figs, nuts, kaki trees .

This year also, many new trees have been added, that guests can discover in the many parts of the property. Ecological food is important, but sight and smell are not less so and, at Villa le Barone, you can admire and smell the scent of many mediterranean types of shrubs and plants and enjoy the marvelous rose gardens, next to the pool, or amidst the lawns, where deckchairs are set to read or to admire the magnificent views on the Chianti hills.

A small flower garden supplies tulips, daffodils, cosmos, dahlias, zinnias to make bouquets for the rooms and dining tables. But so much for the what is visible … at Villa Le Barone you may find excellent the Olive oil and the meat served in the restaurant … even without having seen or knowing that it has been grown biologically in our farm … a respected environment has its own rewards.

What you probably don’t see, don’t smell, don’t taste, don’t sense is the effort we make to give our guests a luxurious experience, while reducing our carbon footprint without asking our Guests to sacrifice their comfort and enjoyment: reduction of energy consumption, optimization and reduction of water resources, better waste re-cycling, zero mile product sourcing … these are all steps we are working at, day after day, making small but steady improvement to make your own stay at Villa le Barone an eco-friendly one

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