Gardens in Chianti in autumn

Hotel Villa le Barone's facade in autumn

The weather is now beautiful in Chianti: autumn is around the corner, and guests can enjoy this marvelous season in Villa le Barone’s gardens until 8th November!

We are still in summer and the weather is beautiful in Chianti, but we can already feel autumn:  still warm and long days, golden sunlight, and crisp air. Autumn is a fantastic season in Chianti … and to let our guests enjoy this marvelous period, we are opened until 8th November!

In the flower garden , cosmos, nasturnium , volubilis  But above all the dahlias , white, yellow, red … and it is in this flower garden that  Amira goes to pick up the flowers that will make the magnificent bouquets in the reception , in the  restaurant , in the lounges , and in the rooms…

Dahlias to welcome guests at hotel Villa le Barone

In the orchard, the fruits are ripening : the plums , with which  Villa le Barone ‘s wonderful Tuscan cooks  have made delicious jam that our guests are starting to enjoy, the figs , that we are using to make the  pastas “tagliattelle” (also home made by  our cooks) , the apples , ant the nuts… that the squirrels have already eaten.

The first red leaves are appearing to illuminate Villa le Barone ‘s façade.

All around, the vineyards are taking autumn colors, and the grape picking season is also starting!

Autumn is magnificent in Chianti, and from hotel Villa le Barone , you can enjoy the possibility of hiking and cycling  until the 8th of November.

Welcome at Hotel Villa le Barone  with our autumn package !