Photography in Chianti

Rainbow above the Chianti hills from Villa le Barone
Rainbow above the Chianti hills from Villa le Barone

Tuscany and Chianti in particular are wonderful places to take pictures and, at Villa le Barone, in the heart of Chianti, it is possible to practice all types of photography. Even professional photographers, and not only amateurs, work often in this region. At Villa le Barone, the photography contest organized by this charming hotel gives the opportunity to win a free stay of one or two days!

All types of photography are possible at Villa le Barone and there are so many subjects to photograph: A mine of wonderful travel memories to bring back with you!
Easiest to make are landscape photographs capturing the beauty of the Chianti hills under the changing lights of the day and … beautiful views abound at and around Villa le Barone! Early risers will be able to capture serene sunrises from the tennis court or even from their own rooms as well as awesome sunsets from the pool or the terrace of hearts, one of the terraces of the Villa. This year there were also great opportunities to catch the fleeting moments of a rainbow!

Chianti landscape from Villa le Barone by Mitch Freedman , winner photo contest 2012
Chianti landscape from Villa le Barone by Mitch Freedman , winner photo contest 2012

And then there are the photographs of nature and flowers: an ornithologist was able to identify and photograph more than 30 species of birds, just on the grounds of Villa le Barone itself! Roses, dahlias, tulips, butterflies and other plants and animals… are also fit to be made memories of a beautiful trip.
Some of our Guests have turned their cameras on culinary subjects: the buffet table of ‘antipasti’, picturesque dishes served for dinner at our restaurant as well as their own achievements during cooking classes!

This is the reason we have organized an annual photograph competition: everyone coming to Villa le Barone can submit at least 10 photographs of their stay to our jury and eventually win, if chosen, a free weekend.
Janet Porro, Angelique Droessaert, Debra Tarrant, professional photographers have stayed at Villa le Barone and left wonderful photographs of Villa le Barone as well as of Chianti!

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