Tuscan Gastronomy and Slow Food

Villa le Barone , Tuscany   the restaurant
Villa le Barone , Tuscany the restaurant

Do you wish to discover the “Slow Food” and Tuscan Gastronomy in Chianti, one of the most beautiful part of Tuscany? Tuscany is indeed one of the largest region of Italy with a great diversity of territories which have different cultures and culinary traditions. Villa le Barone‘s cooks, Alessio and Tommaso, born in Greve in Chianti, the city where the “Slow Food” originated, will unveil for you this type of cuisine.

Wine, olive oil, and bread are the 3 key elements of Tuscan cuisine. Food is simple, made with fresh, local and seasonal products, and are therefore so tasty! If you stay at Villa le Barone you will be able to see in our garden eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes, salads, artichokes… The sage, rosemary, thyme, basil are also growing there and are perfuming the dishes served in the restaurant! All dishes, including deserts, are prepared by our cooks! Try the “tiramisu” or the “amaretto”! This is “slow food” as opposed to “fast food”!
In summer, you will savor your dinner on the terrace surrounded by the hydrangeas, the honeysuckle and the wisteria. If you wish to enjoy a romantic dinner with a beautiful sunset, it can be served alone together on the heart terrace. But, if the weather does not allow to be outside, the restaurant will welcome you with its superb paintings, chandeliers, and ceramics!

Villa le Barone' tuscan cooks Alessio e Tommaso
Villa le Barone’ s tuscan cooks Alessio e Tommaso

If you wish to have an amazing “hands on” cooking class, our Tuscan cook Alessio will be pleased to teach you how to make a full Tuscan meal …that you will eat afterwards. You will also get all the recipes and be able to invite your friends at home to enjoy a Tuscan dinner!
Enjoy Tuscan specialties, slow food, and Tuscan gastronomy at Villa le Barone!