A romantic place in Chianti, ideal for honeymoons and wonderful sojourns with your loved one …

The garden of hearts to receive honeymooners at Villa le Barone

Love, romance, honeymoons, anniversaries in the romantic Tuscany and Chianti, with breathtaking landscapes, sumptuous food and wine, beauty of art treasures, in the authentic atmosphere of a Renaissance Villa.

Just left the altar or the Judge after having said yes? In love?  Falling in love? Reminiscing tenderly that day twenty years after and with some whiskers of white hair? Is he going to propose to me? Is she going to say yes? … In love with love? … Can all of the above be celebrated in front of a sink full of dishes? While sharing a home delivered pizza and pepperoni in your living room? In a movie theater or watching a video? … Maybe not!  Love needs peace, change of scenery, beauty, discovery for you and your partner to get to know and enjoy each other!

Take action! Make a leap! Treat yourself to something new and exciting!  Discover a place where the landscape is perfect with hills that have been manicured by generations of farmers on which three elegant cypresses, close to an old tile roofed stone house,  look over a geometrically planted vineyard sloping down to meet a bunch of century old olive trees.  Push the old squeaking door of that small tavern in the countryside to sit down to a frugal yet rich lunch that you will have ordered laughing your head off to an old waitress explaining you with incomprehensible words what Peposo is.  Get enchanted by a small hamlet that you have discovered at the end of a winding sunny road. Taste mid-morning a glass of red Chianti wine together with a slice of strong and tasty pecorino cheese. Dream with your partner about leaving it all behind, the stress, the noise, traffic jams, daily chores  to change together for a simple life in one of those large, old, simple but elegant houses of stone, bricks and red tiles in the midst of a yellow field or within the walls of an old “borgo”(Hamlet).

Tuscany is certainly known as one of the most romantic places in the world, ideal for your honeymoon, to celebrate an anniversary or just spend a few days with your loved one.  (our special offer)  and Hotel Villa le Barone, in the Chianti part of Tuscany, is a summary of what you will love:

The Landscapes and the Atmosphere:  No matter where you are on Villa le Barone’s grounds, you enjoy spectacular views on the Chianti hills, dotted with vineyards, cypress trees and old stone houses. From the swimming pool, you can gaze through the rose bushes at the Romanesque church “Pieve de San Leolino”, a sight full of  peacefulness and serenity … unless you prefer to watch a magnificent sunset while sipping  a glass of Chianti! Wonderful little secluded hideaways in the greenery allow you to read or just soak in the beauty of the surroundings hills. And there is also the terrace with the garden of hearts, where idyllic candlelit dinners “en tête à tête” can be served, with the view, in the distance, of the Panzano castle.  But the eye is not the only sense being addressed; sounds also contribute to the relaxing feeling: the reassuring ringing of church bells, the songs of the black bird, the hoopoe or the dove, the breeze in the trees …

The Art: Villa le Barone, built in late Renaissance on the remains of a medieval watch tower, on a commanding hilltop on the boundary between Florence and Siena, was used by the well known family of ceramists, the Della Robbia’s, as holiday place to escape from noisy Florence to the quietness of a Villa in the hills. It was transformed in 1976 into a boutique hotel by Duchess Franca Visconti, daughter of the Marchioness Marie Blanche Viviani Della Robbia. Rrom the Villa, which sits at the center of gravity of famous Renaissance art cities such as Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, you can organize wonderful day trips with most interesting itineraries off the beaten tracks.

Your Very Private Moments: Each room is decorated differently and has its unique character, the “tower room” on the top of the Villa, is a real treat; it still has XVIIth century tapestries hanging on the walls and an awesome view!  Staying at Villa le Barone, you will feel like visiting friends in a private, elegant home while bathing in Italian culture.

The Food and Wine which are often said to be the “soul” of Italy; and dining is not only about the food itself, but also about experiencing the menu, the service and the place where you eat.  At Villa le Barone, you can isolate yourself or exchange with others while drinking or eating on the shady terrace or in the old cellar, lovingly converted into an inviting dining. Start eating Tuscan food with your eyes and drinking Chianti wines with your nose before getting on with taste!

Romantic” is not an easy word to define, but there are recognized elements that make a place known as Romantic: picturesque and breathtaking  landscapes, rich history and art, sumptuous food and wine, a slow pace of life, a place where it feels good to simply relax and get lost in the warmth of Italy’s culture.  These are the magical elements one finds at Villa le Barone, in Tuscany.  It is up to you, now, to spend a marvelous honeymoon, to celebrate an anniversary or to have an unforgettable breakaway with your loved one in a Romantic, inspiring and magic place in Chianti!