The “Ribollita”, a symbol of Tuscan gastronomy!

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Ribolitta at Villa le Barone in Chianti , Tuscany.

One of the symbols of the Tuscan cuisine and an institution by itself is the “Ribollita, a truly delicious soup, thick, hearty, tasty and furthermore avoiding food waste!

The “Ribollita” is a dish that comes from the Tuscan farmers’ traditions: it is made with all vegetables in  season and in particular carrots, cabbage, onions, chards, celery, zucchini… like in the “minestrone”, but it imperatively has to also contain dry bread, white beans and black cabbage (also known as “Tuscan kale” (if you have never seen this vegetable, we will be happy to show it to you in our garden!). There is no unique recipe for the “Ribollita”, each cook has its own! Also at Villa le Barone, our Tuscan cooks have their own!

Buffet of Antipasti , fruits , cheese.. at Villa le Barone , in Chianti

The word “Ribolitta “means “boiled a second time”, because it is basically prepared with the vegetables that remained from the previous meal and with hard bread. It is in a way a “recycling dish“, invented by the parsimonious but inventive Tuscan farmwomen, who didn’t want to waste food and were extremely good cooks. It is certainly not because it is done with leftovers from the previous day that it is not a delectable dish. On the contrary! The “re-cooking” gives a delicious taste! An when it is served on your table,  just sprinkle a little  extra virgin olive oil on this solid soup … and  what a perfumed delight enchants you!

The “Ribolitta” was one of the favorite dish of Duchess Franca Visconti, who decided in 1976 to turn the long time family Villa le Barone into a small charming hotel.
A  ”Ribollita” prepared by the Tuscan cooks at Villa le Barone is a delicious treat that you can enjoy after a good hike or cycling tour either warm  in autumn or early spring, or like warm  in all seasons.


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