Geothermal energy in Tuscany

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Technique to extract boric acid,  Geothermal energy Museum, Larderello, Tuscany

Technique to extract boric acid, Geothermal energy Museum, Larderello, Tuscany

Geothermal energy, the energy generated and stored in the Earth, is a major source of electricity production in Tuscany, around Larderello, in Alta Maremma. Villa le Barone will be happy to help you discover this unique place in Europe. Landscapes are fascinating!

Larderello in Alta Maremma in Tuscany, named after François de Larderel, is one of the first places in the world where geothermal energy was exploited to support industry. In 1827 it was first François de Larderel who invented a way of extracting boric acid from the volcanic mud by using steam to heat cauldrons to separate the two. At that time, boric acid was used as an antiseptic. In 1904, five light bulbs were lit by electricity produced through steam emerging from vents in the ground – the first ever practical demonstration of geothermal power.

Today ENEL, the Italian electricity company, produces 10% of the world’s entire supply of geothermal electricity in Larderello, amounting to 4,800 GWh per year and powering about a million Italian households.

Podere Florestano , Vecchienna, Sasso Pisano,  Alta Maremma, Tuscany

Podere Florestano , Vecchienna, Sasso Pisano, Alta Maremma, Tuscany


The Larderello region in Alta Maremma, was known from ancient times for its volcanic nature and exceptionally hot springs. The Romans used its sulphur springs for bathing, and one can see in Sasso Pisano the most interesting archeological dig of those Etruscan, Greek, Roman bath.
The most interesting museum managed by ENEL in Larderello takes us in a journey that starts from the use of geothermal energy in the Etruscan and medieval period, taking us up to the industrial development and to the contemporary challenge of sustainable energy.
If you stay in Podere Florestano or Podere San Giuseppe in Vecchienna, you will be able to discover this unusual but at the same time beautiful region, however still unknown. If you stay in Villa le Barone, our staff will be happy to organize a day trip for you to discover this renewable natural source of energy, geothermal energy

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