Cycling and biking in Chianti

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Cyclist at Villa le Barone Chianti

Cyclist at Villa le Barone Chianti

Tuscany, and in particular Chianti, is one of the heartlands of Italian cycling and, indeed, cycling (bicycling) is one of the best way to discover the Tuscan countryside at a relaxed pace !

Villa le Barone offers an excellent base for wonderful cycling loops, it can loan or rent bicycles for guests and will provide them with a number of detailed itineraries.

Cycling (as well as bicycling or biking) is a national sport in Tuscany, the home of Gino Bartali, the famous champion road cyclist after World War II, and everyday many cyclists are enjoying the pleasure of cycling in Chianti. They enjoy the challenging uphill climbs, the pleasant downhill runs, the superb countryside and the pleasure of having a drink in a small Italian bar! The square in Panzano in Chianti is certainly a meeting point for many of them to gather after a good uphill ride! Certainly, other cycling legends such as Christofer Froome have helped popularize the sport. In addition, the bicycles are not anymore what they were: they are much lighter, they have good brakes, the saddles are more comfortable…Cycling and biking clubs and associations have flourished in Europe as well as in the US, and we can see more and more cyclists from all parts of the world on the Chianti roads.

Biking with kids at Villa le Barone Chianti

Biking with kids at Villa le Barone Chianti

Villa le Barone is an excellent base for great Chianti circuits and we often have the pleasure of hosting cyclists. We provide possible itineraries that guests can use. We can also loan (for free) two bicycles, but we can also organize renting better ones from a specialized shop in Greve in Chianti that will deliver them in the hotel. They can even rent electric bikes! And, after their cycling performances, guests love to have a swim in our heated and salted infinity pool, enjoying a drink while admiring the magnificent Chianti hills and waiting for the superb traditional Tuscan dinner.

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