Beautiful Palaces of Via Tornabuoni in Florence

Via Tornabuoni Florence
Via Tornabuoni Florence

It is along via Tornabuoni that you will admire the most beautiful Renaissance Palaces that the powerful Florentine families have built, the most exclusive luxury shops and the most elegant residences. It is also on Via Tornabuoni 19 in the Palazzo Larderel/Giacomini that you can rent a luxury apartment for 5 people.

Let’s start from Piazza Santa Trinita, a triangular square close to the Arno river bordered by the 14th century Palazzo Spini Feroni, headquarters of the worldwide famous luxury leather goods Ferragamo, by the Palazzo Bartolini Salembini and by the “Santa Trinita” Church.
Then, following the street which is now pedestrian your eyes are caught by many different points of atraction . There is so much to see! The fashion shops? You will find renowned Italian fashion designers: the Florentine Gucci, founded in 1906 and particularly known for its leather goods, bags and shoes; Emilio Pucci and his colorful patterns, Roberto Cavalli, with his wild prints. And the other Italian fashion brands: Prada, Max Mara, Tods…Looking for Italian jewelry shops? There is Bulgari and Pomellato. Children wear? Of course Gucci, but also Baroni founded in Florence in 1912…And fashion is also for men who can also participate in their window shopping as all main fashion brands also have lines for men.

Gucci Via Tornabuoni Florence
Gucci Via Tornabuoni Florence

One interesting shop with good buys is Vittorio di Giacomo, in Palazzo Larderel, al 19 va Tornabuoni. Looking for exclusive beauty products? In front of the San Gaetano church, at the end of the street, you will find the Officina de Tornabuoni, also in Palazzo Larderel, a beautiful palace designed by the architect Giovanni Dosio.
Wishing to have an elegant bite? There is the historic Procacci, a discrete small shop founded in 1885, famous for its specialties made with truffles, a Florentine institution!
Beyond window shopping Via Tornabuoni is also most unique or its Renaissance palaces that border the street. Look at their inviting entrances. If their massive doors are opened, have a glance inside! Raise your head and admire their “cornices” (ornamental ledges of a palace)! Most palaces, including Palazzo Larderel have the family coat of arms on the corners or on their front. Palaces have also courtyards and the apartment for rent in Palazzo Larderel has a splendid internal terrace surrounded by jasmine. Spending one week or more in such a Palace in the heart of Florence is a real treat!

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Shopping in Florence in Via Tornabuoni

 Via Tornabuoni, Florence
Via Tornabuoni, Florence

Where to shop in Florence? Via Tornabuoni of course! This street, recently turned pedestrian, going from Piazza Trinita by the Arno River to Piazza Antinori by the Antinori Palace is bordered on both sides by magnificent Renaissance palaces built by the greatest architects, like Vasari or Dosio and by the most famous luxury brands stores. “Palazzo Larderel” (Larderel Palace) in which you can rent a superb luxury apartment through Villa le Barone, is also located on Via Tornabuoni.

There is plenty to do in Florence: go to museums, visit the Duomo and other marvelous churches, listening to concerts, enjoying Tuscan delicacies and wines … without forgetting shopping and, for this, Via Tornabuoni is the street where the best brands of Italian and international fashion are concentrated. Beautiful shop windows on the ground floor of magnificent Renaissance Palaces showcase highly selected products: close to the Arno River stands Ferragamo, a little bit further Emilio Pucci and Celine while Gucci, Prada, Hermes and Max Mara are located on the second half of the street and Vittorio di Giacomo’s shop is within the Larderel Palace itself on 19 Via Tornabuoni, in front of the beautiful San Gaetano baroque church. The major jewelers are also present: Bulgari, Pomellato, Rolex … Tod’s, a reference in the world of footwear and leather goods is not far. All the shop windows are made up as works of art! Stop in front of the store “Parenti” next to the Larderel Palace which presents itself as a “Luxury Bazaar”: their shop window is always superb!

Palazzo Larderel,Via Tornabuoni, Florence
Palazzo Larderel,Via Tornabuoni, Florence

If you want to restore yourself, you will go to the “Cantinetta Antinori” in the top of Via Tornabuoni, or treat yourself with a truffle sandwich at “Procacci”.
On 19 Via Tornabuoni, in the Larderel Palace, you will find Vittorio di Giacomo (V-design) offering beautiful clothing for men, as well as the “Officina de’ Tornabuoni” and its organic beauty products, with natural and fine fragrances. It is also on the first floor of the Larderel Palace, designed by Giovanni Dosio one of the greatest architects of the Renaissance, that the famous antique dealer “Il Quadrifoglio”, also based in Milan and London, recently moved (visit by appointment only).

On the second floor of the Palace, a beautiful luxury apartment that can host five persons is up for weekly rent (130 square meters, 3 bedrooms, large lounge, dining room, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and above all a large terrace of 65m2). It is ideal to rest and relax after a day of shopping and visiting of monuments and museum! To know more about this possibility,link to or write to, an occasion to treat yourself to one week (or more) of beautiful sightseeing and shopping in Florence!

Temporary Art exhibitions in Florence, 2015

Villa le Barone: a lounge

Many exhibitions will be held in Florence in 2015, some in conjunction with Expo 2015, others adressing various facets of Italian art. It is a good occasion to visit Tuscany and, after a day in busy and hot Florence, to come and relax in the nearby Chianti, at Villa le Barone.

Milan held Expo 2015 focuses on food … and this is why many Florentine exhibitions will focus on this aspect of human life, essential to men throughout the ages and often source of inspiration for artists.
From  March 8th to June 7th, at the Pitti Palace, «Dolci Trionfi» will exhibit decorative food, taking its inspiration from a banquet held in Palazzo Vecchio in the evening of October 5th, 1600 to mark the Florentine wedding of Maria de’ Medici with King Henri IV of France.

From May 1st to October 31st,  «Signoria Tavola» will present in the Ivory room of the Bargello Museum, a long 16th century refectory table set with a selection of rare pieces of that period, recreating a richly laid Renaissance banqueting table.

Palazzo Davanzati  will exhibit from  May 8th to September 7th, under the title « Sun in the house », ceramic items for everyday domestic use in Italy from the 17th to the 21st centuries. Astonishingly creative decorations thanks to the skill and know-how of the artists and craftsmen who produced these objects.

A little bit outside Florence, but not far from Villa le Barone, at the Medici Villa and Still-Life Museum of Poggio a Caiano,  the exhibit «Italian Kitchen in History» is devoted to art and everyday items associated with cookery and the kitchen from the 15th to the 17th centuries, including paintings on wood and canvas, ceramics, vessels, mezzine, copper utensils and glassware.

Villa le Barone: another common area

In Palazzo Strozzi, Via Tornabuoni, next to Palazzo Larderel, two exhibitions one after the other : from  March 14th to  June21st, «Power and Pathos», with outstanding examples of large-scale bronze sculptures, will explore the development of art in the Hellenistic age as it spread from Greece throughout the Mediterranean between the 4th and 1st centuries BC. And please note that after this, the exhibit will move on to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. And from 26 September to 24 January 2016 , il will be « Divine beauty. Sacred art from Van Gogh to Fontana ».

«The Middle Ages on the Road», at the Bargello Museum present from March 20th to June 21st some of the most outstanding  aspects of medieval civilisation and in particular travel.

From March 30th  to October 11th in the Galleria dell’Accademia, the «Franciscan Art»exhibition explores the Franciscan movement’s important contribution to art and religion as it spread to the East and even to  China!

«Lapis Lazuli, Blue Magic» will be taking place from  June 9th to October 11th at the  Museo degli Argenti at Palazzo Pitti. This semiprecious stone imported from the heart of Asia, not only played a role in the creation of splendid and valuable peces of art, but also served, after being ground to a blue powder, to provide painters with what, together with gold, was unquestionably the most precious and costly of pigments.

We certainly do not pretend to have listed above all of the exhibitions to be seen in Florence, but certainly those that we would recommend…. and this is why Villa le Barone offers to book your tickets in advance (Uffizi, Bargello, Palazzo Strozzi…).   We have also a special offer  enabling you to get free pre-booked tickets in the Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti, or the Bargello.  After a long day visiting  these works of art, we suggest you head for the fresh hills of Chianti and relax on the terrace or by the pool of the nearby historic hotel Villa le Barone. By the way, you will  also discover artworks at Villa le Barone!