Medicinal herbs in Tuscany

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Lavander at Villa le Barone Chianti

Lavander at Villa le Barone Chianti

Visitors will discover many medicinal plants at the exhibition that will take place in September in the antique pharmacy of Santa Fina in San Gimignano, a World Cultural Heritage medieval city close to Villa le Barone. However, all year around, our guests can also discover many such herbs and plants in our gardens!

Santa Fina’s hospital in San Gimignano,  a medieval city part of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO at 40 kms from Villa le Barone, had its own pharmacy since the 15th century, which bought or produced medicines for both indoor use and outdoor sale. One of San Gimignano’s Museums today features the original layout of the pharmacy, the “kitchen”, the place where the medicines were prepared, and the “shop”, where they were sold. The medicines, which are still contained in ceramic and glass jars, were manufactured on the basis of precise recipes assembled in old manuscripts. However, all medicines needed raw materials, especially herbs, whose essences or distillates were the basis for their preparation: the supplies could be purchased elsewhere or cultivated around the hospital.

Rooted sage in the gardens of Villa le Barone

Rooted sage in the gardens of Villa le Barone

The visit to the pharmacy of Santa Fina and of its garden provides a great sensory experience, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of aromas and scents. In addition, each Saturday between the 23rd September and 14th October, Dra Lucia Chelli, herbalism specialist, and founder of the “Officina de’Tornabuoni” (where Villa le Barone buys many of the amenities for its guests), will give conferences on herbs properties.

It is all year around that guests will be able to discover in Hotel Villa le Barone’s gardens many of the medicinal plants presented in San Gimignano’s Santa Fina Museum: lavender, peppermint, verbena, many types of sage, many types of thyme, lemon balm, basil, and many others herbs and plants!

Tuscan Beer

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Tuscan beer Vapori di Birra

Tuscan beer Vapori di Birra

Tuscan wine or Tuscan beer? You will find both in Tuscany and they are both excellent! Tuscany is in fact the third craft beer producer in Italy, with about 80 producers but there is only one Tuscan beer produced with geothermal energy!

One of the oldest beverage produced by man , beer was brought in Italy by the Etruscans 2000 years ago , It was one of the most common drinks during the Middle Europe, in particular in the northern and eastern part where grape cultivation was difficult or impossible. Today, the production of beer has been industrialized, but a number of innovative entrepreneurs have continued the tradition of producing craft beer, and Tuscan beers are particularly appreciated.

The bar , next to the infinity pool at Villale Barone

The bar , next to the infinity pool at Villale Barone

Beer production requires a lot of energy (the grain is milled, mashed, cooked, etc), but there is a Tuscan beer produced with geothermal energy, a sustainable source of energy, it is the brewery “Vapori di Birra” , based in Sasso Pisano , close to our farm “Vecchienna”. Water, malt, hops, yeast and sugar are the only ingredients used to produce this Tuscan beer, cooked and brought to fermentation with the heat of the earth. The result is an exclusive high quality beer, unfiltered and unpasteurized, refermented in the bottle. To preserve the organoleptic quality it is not more submitted to any filtration and pasteurization. It is marketed in 3 varieties Magma, Geyser and Sulfurea.

One can find this craft Tuscan beer at Villa le Barone in our honesty bar or in the bar close to our infinity pool!

Gardens in Tuscany

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Lagerstromiae on a terraced landscape in Chianti

Lagerstromiae on a terraced landscape in Chianti

“If you have a garden and a library, you have all what you need” wrote Cicero. This is what you will find in our Chianti countryside hotel!

Lovely gardens with magnificent views:

  • From the “heart garden”, a small garden Italian style with hearts bordered with box hedges, you can contemplate the sunsets!
  • From the garden under the pool bordered by a hedge of laurel, arbutus, hawthorn, and many other species to discover, you have stupendous views on the Chianti hills and its hamlet. You can read amongst the olive trees and the roses!
  • A little bit below on the right you find the fruit trees garden, with its apricot trees, jujube, medlar, cherry and plum trees…
  • On the left , the terraced landscape with the lagerstroemia is bordered by fig trees …
  • Under the garden house, you can read and rest in the comfortable deck-chairs that are at your disposal. You can also watch sunrises…
  • And above the “garden house”, the vegetable and flower garden which is providing the flowers for the bouquets that guests find everywhere in the Villa…

And a library and books everywhere: in the lounges, in the rooms…

And we can organize visits of famous historic gardens for our guests!

Enjoy relaxing, enjoy reading, enjoy beauty in our Villa!

Chianti: a land of Experience

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Beauty of Chianti Tuscany

Beauty of Chianti, Tuscany

Experiencing Chianti means becoming a local citizen and immersing oneself in the sensations and emotions that this region will bring you. Visitors there are not simply tourists, they become members of a community, and they share their customs and values.

Experiencing Chianti means stopping there to understand this land of untarnished beauty in which man and nature have always collaborated. It is not possible to come for one day, just arriving in a hotel for one night and departing the following morning. Experiencing Chianti means contemplating sunrises as well as sunsets, it means exploring the region with its Romanesque churches, its small hamlets and its untouched environment. It means experiencing a life style that respect nature and the landscapes depicted in artworks that date back to a thousand years. It means discovering authentic places which have been belonging to the same family for ages, engaging discussion with local people: they love to speak about their land!

Sunrise in Chianti Tuscany

Sunrise in Chianti, Tuscany

Chianti is an infinite source of flavors, rooted in an agricultural tradition, sill alive,that respects the environment. You will admire the olive trees that are producing the extra virgin olive oil that you will taste, the vineyards that are producing one of the most famous wine in the world, the Chianti Classico. and that you will also enjoy!

Experience Chianti, and you will never forget it !

Tuscan hospitality: the staff

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Amira is ready to serve lunchs at Villa le Barone

Tuscan hospitality, this is what you will find at Villa le Barone, a charming country Hotel in the hills of Chianti…

A guest once wrote: “obviously the hotel, the food and the spectacular setting all contributed to our general contentment, however there is no doubt that the excellent and friendly service we experienced from all of you was perhaps the greatest single factor in guaranteeing our holiday success”.

And our voluminous guest book as well as our trip advisor’s reviews, are 40 years testimonials to the dedicated and loyal staff who are taking personal interest in ensuring that each guest stay is enjoyable and memorable.

Barbara and Stefania at Villa le Barone's reception

Barbara and Stefania at Villa le Barone’s reception

Many guests are returning year after year and are happy to recognize the same friendly faces as most of our staff are long time employees coming back year after year… Experience Tuscan hospitality and enjoy the smiling, friendly, cheerful service and atmosphere of Hotel Villa le Barone!