Spring holidays in Tuscany at the country hotel Villa le Barone

Spring in Tuscany is magic and this is especially true in the luxury country hotel Villa Barone, located, in the heart of Chianti in the middle of gardens full of flowers.

Grayness is over!  Colors and perfumes are exploding!  First in march, the almond trees are blooming, and then it is the turn of apricot, cherry, plum, acacia trees, that cover themselves with perfumed white flowers.

In the gardens, bulbs planted by the gardeners of the Villa Barone, daffodils, hyacinths, grape hyacinths, tulips mix their yellows, reds, oranges, blues. The lawns and meadows are a soft green, dotted with daisies, buttercups and violets. And there are also the shrubs, yellow forsythias and brooms, blue rosemary, white tin laurels.

The wisterias on the breakfast terrace blooms, and one can smell the fragrant perfume of the jasmine. At Villa le Barone , you will also hear the blackbird whistling, and see all the birds busy building their nests

From this country historic Villa le Barone, you can go hiking , walking or cycling to witness  this revival.. But you can also enjoy the spring atmosphere of Tuscany’s art cities Florence, Siena and San Gimignano.

Of course, you should not miss the opportunity offered by Villa le Barone to visit the Uffizi Gallery and the famous Botticelli’s work,  “The Spring” .

A spring holidays  in Tuscany at Villa Barone will leave you unforgettable memories!

Enjoy the special offer of the Villa Barone “spring in Tuscany”