2017 Tennis with view in Chianti

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Tennis with a view on Chianti hills  at Villa le Barone Tuscany

Tennis with a view on Chianti hills at Villa le Barone Tuscany

A tennis court overlooking the Chianti hills in Tuscany is what Villa le Barone offers. Do you like to play tennis? Do you like Tuscany? Then enjoy this private tennis court, exclusively reserved for the use of the hotel’s guests, with a magnificent view of the Chianti hills.

The tennis court is partially surrounded by a row of cypresses, symbol of the Tuscan countryside and is immersed in the beauty of the surrounding environment, with its vineyards, olive groves, and Mediterranean vegetation … No need to bring your tennis rackets or tennis balls: Villa Le Barone lends them for free. And after the game, go diving in the new travertine marble pool – it also has a 250° view on the Chianti hills, or take a cool beer, or enjoy a glass of Chianti. By staying at Villa le Barone you can combine sport, gastronomy and artistic discoveries!

Villa le Barone in Chianti Tuscany Tennis with a view in autumn

Villa le Barone in Chianti Tuscany Tennis with a view in autumn

Honeymoons in Chianti ,Tuscany

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A corner of Villa le Barone's gardens in Chianti

A corner of Villa le Barone’s gardens in Chianti

An honeymoon in Chianti in Tuscany, the romanticized Italy of daydreams? There are at least 10 reasons to spend a honeymoon at Villa le Barone, in this magical land where gastronomy and culture combine perfectly: Romantic atmosphere, enchanting location, beauty … without forgetting good food, good wine, cooking lessons… Wonderful memories guaranteed!

  1. A most romantic location in Chianti, Tuscany, on top of a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, where serenity is queen!
  2. Beauty, elegance, charm, in an idyllic 15th century historic mansion. A luxury boutique hotel in the countryside! Not a room is similar to another!
  3. Romantic dinners on the terrace in the greenery, or on the “heart garden” with a candle on your table, an attentive service, a bottle of red Chianti wine, a large choice of delicious dishes for dinner.
  4. Sunny weather to relax by the pool (in travertine marble!) and wonderful nooks to hide away. Gardens of roses and flowers everywhere, breathtaking views!
  5. Cooking lesson for two with wonderful Villa le Barone’s chef to help prepare “post honeymoon“ life…
  6. Itineraries provided for you to discover fabulous places: Volpaia, San Gimignano, Siena, Volterra, Florence, Certaldo, Castellina, Radda… there are many left for your anniversaries!
  7. A place from which to discover Italian fashion. Trendy shoes? Elegant jacket? Smart vest? Cavalli? Versace? Prada? Gucci? … Visit Via Tornabuoni in Florence, or the surrounding fashion outlets fashion outlet…
  8. Renowned wineries around and just close to Villa le Barone with magnificent cellars, where our ladies at the Reception can organize visits and wine tastings for you.
  9. A place to make sumptuous photographs to share with your friends (try not to make them envious!)…It’s a good block of fond memories to build your married life on.
  10. And you are on safe grounds, with great comments like “wonderful Honeymoon venue, Errol and Brittany T USA calif “”Best place to spend our honeymoon. Fabulous! Until next time”, L and R D Australia, “A great end to our honeymoon, very friendly staff, gorgeous views” Christina and Nick L,UK
A junior suite at Villa le Barone in Chianti

A junior suite at Villa le Barone in Chianti

You might want to stay forever…
In conclusion, just book Villa le Barone’s honeymoon package.

Pool, tennis, gardens, and rooms with views in Chianti

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View from the Heart Terrace Villa le Barone Chianti

View from the Heart Terrace Villa le Barone Chianti

Be it from its tennis, its infinity swimming pool, its gardens, its heart terrace, and most of its rooms, hotel Villa le Barone, set on a Chianti hilltop, offers stupendous views on the incredible Tuscan landscape and the Chianti hills, the vineyards, the medieval hamlets, the churches! Chianti has the colors of a fresco, someone said, you will never forget it!

From Villa le Barone’s tennis, you will have a magnificent view on the tall green cypresses, on the silver of the olive groves, on the vineyards, on a few typical farm houses doting the countryside. From the infinity pool, you will admire the unique beauty of the Romanesque small San Leolino church and hamlet. From the heart terrace, you will be able to enjoy spectacular sunsets! Sitting in the large gardens of the Villa, you are in the heart of the “greatest garden in Europe, part naturally made and part of the work of human beings” as John J Navone wrote in his book “Toward a theology of beauty”.

From most of the rooms, you can soak up the beauty of the panoramas. The “tower room” in particular, on the top of the Villa, in the part of what was a watch tower in the medieval times during the wars between Florence and Siena, offers a breathtaking view!

View from the Tower room in spring at Villa le Barone , Chianti

View from the Tower room in spring at Villa le Barone , Chianti


Marchioness Maria Bianca Viviani Della Robbia, of whom the current Villa le Barone’s owners are heirs, wrote in her book “A farm in Chianti”:” When we fix our gaze on the distant horizon, so contained and tranquil, the vexations and the discord of the present are forgotten, and when the sweetness of the reawakening earth takes us by surprise each year, all discouragement melts away and we are inundated by the love which binds us to the land”.

A charm hotel with tennis, infinity pool, gardens and rooms with amazing views on the Chianti hills: difficult to find a better place!

An eco-friendly hotel in Tuscany

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One of the Villa le Barone's gardens Tuscany

One of the Villa le Barone’s gardens Tuscany

Are you looking for an eco-friendly hotel in Tuscany, a hotel that cares for the environment and sustainability? Then come to Villa le Barone, in Chianti, to which the “eco-leader” label of Trip Advisor has been awarded.

Indeed we have adopted practices resulting in energy and water savings, we recycle various materials, our facades are covered with Virginia creeper, helping to maintain freshness and biodiversity, we use eco-certified products, our restaurant serves “organic” food…

Villa le Barone is proud to contribute to the protection of the environment and, to this end, we have developed a whole series of actions: energy savings (led bulbs, heat pump to heat our new infinity swimming pool…) water savings (specially designed sanitary ware, invitations to change sheets and towels less often…), recycling of glass, plastics and cardboard, recycling of organic waste to make compost that will be used in our garden. It is also with the flowers of the garden that are made the bouquets that welcome you in your rooms!

An eco friendly hotel in Tuscany -Virginia creeper on the façade

An eco friendly hotel in Tuscany -Virginia creeper on the façade

The facades of our Villa are covered with Virginia creeper, a pleasure for the eye, but it also brings freshness and biodiversity: birds come to nest there, butterflies abound… and in our gardens also you can admire flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, hardwoods, conifers ….

Our restaurant uses organic and fresh products bought locally: vegetables, eggs, fruits, meat … In our farm, Vecchienna, we plant, especially for Villa le Barone, tomatoes that have flavor and fragrance. We serve beef coming from our free range cattle in our farm that has received the label “Agriqualità”. No hormones, no antibiotics! The extra virgin olive oil, which also has the label “Agriqualità” and that we use is also produced in our farm and Villa le Barone. No pesticides! And of course we also serve the organic Chianti Classico produced around Villa le Barone: the wine producers in Panzano in Chianti have indeed also adopted organic practices.

Villa le Barone, an eco-friendly hotel in Tuscany, is pleased to offer a beautiful and healthy environment, where guests can relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

A new infinity pool in Tuscany

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An infinity heated salted swimming pool in 2017 at Villa le Barone in Tuscany

An infinity heated salted swimming pool in 2017 at Villa le Barone in Tuscany

An infinity heated salt water pool for Villa le Barone’s 2017’s season, covered with Travertine marble! As ever, at Villa le Barone, we have taken steps forward to give our Guests another level of “the best”!

An idea was nurtured,
A project was cultured
And the result will be yours to enjoy in 2017
Travertino (Travertine marble) replaces ceramic tiles
Heat from the earth is the new petrol
Salt water does away with chlorine
And as ever, at Villa le Barone, we have taken steps forward
To give you another level of “the best”!

Our pool at Villa le Barone is (re) born!

Guests at Villa Le Barone will soon be able to enjoy a brand new heated, salt water, infinity pool. Lined with the finest Travertino (travertine marble) , a local colorful limestone used since Roman times (see below), the new pool will have both an upper swimming space of 17m x 5m as well as a lower relaxing basin with water a cascade where you can soak with a Chianti glass in your hand. Salt water, healthier than chlorine, will allow you to sunbathe without chlorine smell and keep your tan.

Also you will be able to enjoy from inside the pool the priceless 180 degree view of the San Leolino Abbey and of the Chianti hills, thanks to the infinity effect of the water falling down on the lower basin.

Finally and maybe most importantly the pool will be heated throughout the season thanks to renewable environment respectful energy (see below).

As for everything we do at Ville Le Barone, we have put all our love, care and energy in designing and building this pool around our rose and olive gardens.

We look forward to welcoming you in Villa Le Barone as of April 14th 2017 and sharing with you this brand new infinity pool!

Let us take this opportunity to send you our best and warmest wishes for 2017.

View from the swimming pool at Villa le Barone en Toscane

View from the swimming pool at Villa le Barone en Toscane

More About Travertine / travertino (source Wikipedia)

In Italy, well-known travertine quarries exist in Tivoli and Guidonia Montecelio, where the most important quarries since Ancient Roman times, like the old quarry of Bernini in Guidonia, can be found. The elegant Travertine used to tile our pool (light brownish red veined) comes from nearby Rapolano quarries. Travertino was used to build the famous Colonnade of St. Peter’s Square in Rome in 1656-1667. Michaelangelo also chose travertine as the material for the external ribs of the dome of St Peter’s Basilica. Travertine derives its name from the former town, known as Tibur in ancient Roman times. The ancient name for the stone was lapis tiburtinus, meaning tibur stone, which was gradually corrupted to travertino (travertine).

More about Heat Pump energy

The heat pumps, with a minimal amount of external energy, draws heat from the cooler external air or from the ground into a heat exchanger in contact the pool water and raises it by approximately 4°c… which makes the difference in April and October.

More about Salt water pools

The presence of chlorine in traditional swimming pools can be described as a combination of free available chlorine (FAC) and combined available chlorine (CAC). While FAC is composed of the free chlorine that is available for sanitizing the water, the CAC includes chloramines. Chloramines are responsible for the “chlorine smell” of pools, as well as skin and eye irritation. These problems are the result of insufficient levels of free available chlorine FAC, and indicate a pool that must be “shocked” by the addition of 5-10 times the normal amount of chlorine.
In saltwater pools, the generator uses electrolysis to continuously produce free chlorine (FAC). It also burns off chloramines thereby reducing skin and eye irritation. Further to this, while chlorine bleaches tan, salt doesn’t!