Crafts in Tuscany

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Craftmanship at Villa le Barone, Chianti: the chandelier in the  restaurant

Craftmanship at Villa le Barone, Chianti: the chandelier in the

Quality craftsmanship in Tuscany and Italy is still very much alive in many areas: leather, iron, glass, gilding, jewelry, ceramics …The exhibition “Artigianato e Palazzo” will be held in the gardens of the Palazzo Corsini in Florence from 18 to 21 May is a demonstration of it. Many craftmen are working for Villa le Barone and you can admire their works in our restaurant, in the rooms, in our salons!

In Tuscany and, more generally, in Italy, there are many craftsmen, heirs of a secular tradition, who design and produce superb unique objects, using traditional materials and tools… If you are a little curious and come out of the touristiest places, you will discover in Florence or in other smaller towns the workshops of craftsmen who will be happy to discuss with you and present their know-how!

The 2017 exhibition “Artigianato e Palazzo”, held every year in the beautiful Italian gardens of the Palazzo Corsini in Florence, will take place from 18th to 21st may. It will be the occasion for the visitors to discover the talents of many artisans and admire them at work … (

At Villa le Barone, we are happy to have many local artisans working for us: the chandeliers in our restaurant were made especially for us at Cappelli ( Greve in Chianti, some of our bedside lamps come from Tole Style in Impruneta, other lamps from the glass My Light in Montelupo, lamp shades from Leonardo Becucci…

Visit “Artigianato e Palazzo”, come to Villa le Barone and discover all these talents! We will be happy to present them to you…

A hotel with an infinity pool in Tuscany

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Infinity pool in travertine marble in Tuscany at hotel Villa le Barone Tuscany

Infinity pool in travertine marble in Tuscany at hotel Villa le Barone Tuscany

An infinity pool in Tuscany, with a magnificent view on the Chianti hills, lined with travertine marble, heated from April to October, and salted… this is what the boutique hotel Villa le Barone offers to you this year.

Swim in the main large pool, relax in the small pool with a waterfall falling on your shoulders, bask in the sun on one of our comfortable sun loungers, admire the roses, hear the birds, watch the wonderful sunsets!..

You will access the infinity pool from the terrace under the centuries-old chestnut trees. A small staircase, a door with virgin vine, and you reach the swimming pool. Wahoo, what a view! You are immediately dazzled by the panorama on the hamlet and the Romanesque church of San Leolino, and by the large garden, with its olive trees, massifs of roses, rosemary, lavender… You enter, on your right you find a charming little room where you can take your fluffy towels, and another where you can change (this small building covered with thatch of heather was formerly part of the farm buildings of Villa the Barone). Choose your sun lounger: in the sun, or in the shade under the trees, under an umbrella, a little apart on the lawn? You can hide at your leisure to read, or chat with your loved one, or just enjoy the view. If you want to have a drink, to the left of the entrance to the pool, another small honesty bar contains refreshments and ice-creams. At lunch time, you can also order a light meal, which you can enjoy by the pool or under the chestnut trees: mixed salad (seasoned with extra virgin olive oil from our production), tomato and mozzarella, spaghetti, melon and “prosciutto”( traditional Tuscan ham) in season… In the evening nothing is more enjoyable than drinking a glass of “Prosecco” by the pool watching the sunset!

Infinity heated and salted pool at hotel Villa le Barone Tuscany

Infinity heated and salted pool at hotel Villa le Barone Tuscany

And this infinity pool is also ecological: it is heated by a heat pump, salt treatment avoids the use of chlorine (no risk of irritation of the skin or eyes …) and travertine marble used as a liner is a natural material used since the highest antiquity!
Don’t wait to come, be it this summer or this autumn, and enjoy the heated and salted infinity pool lined with travertine marble in the boutique hotel Villa le Barone in Tuscany!

Tuscan hospitality: the staff

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Amira is ready to serve lunchs at Villa le Barone

Tuscan hospitality, this is what you will find at Villa le Barone, a charming country Hotel in the hills of Chianti…

A guest once wrote: “obviously the hotel, the food and the spectacular setting all contributed to our general contentment, however there is no doubt that the excellent and friendly service we experienced from all of you was perhaps the greatest single factor in guaranteeing our holiday success”.

And our voluminous guest book as well as our trip advisor’s reviews, are 40 years testimonials to the dedicated and loyal staff who are taking personal interest in ensuring that each guest stay is enjoyable and memorable.

Barbara and Stefania at Villa le Barone's reception

Barbara and Stefania at Villa le Barone’s reception

Many guests are returning year after year and are happy to recognize the same friendly faces as most of our staff are long time employees coming back year after year… Experience Tuscan hospitality and enjoy the smiling, friendly, cheerful service and atmosphere of Hotel Villa le Barone!

Tuscan food wine and cheeses

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Free serving buffet table with Italian cheeses

Free serving buffet table with Italian cheeses

What is best than a Tuscan dinner with good Italian cheeses and with a good glass of Chianti Classico wine? Made of cow’s milk, sheep or goat’s milk, Italian cheeses come of all of shapes and flavors, and at Villa le Barone, we are selecting the best for our guests on the free serving buffet table: parmesan, gorgonzola, pecorino, taleggio… and all of them have the label DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) that certifies the origin of the product.

For Italians, there is no good dinner without cheese, and, at Villa le Barone you will find a good choice of Italian cheeses, from all regions. They are served on the free serving buffet table in our restaurant, and you can savor them either at the beginning of the dinner… or at the end.
Of course, you will find Parmesan (“parmigiano”) the king of the cheeses. Produced in the Parma region, in the northern part of Italy, it is a “grainy” cheese, coming in huge round wheels, in which pieces are cut. A sprinkling of parmesan cheese gives everything a delicious taste, and is used to top pasta. But it is also used in a number of dishes such as “the Parmigiana”, a gratin of eggplant covered with Parmesan cheese.

A very famous cheese from Tuscany is the “Pecorino”, one of Italy’s oldest cheeses that gets its name from the Italian word “pecore”, which means sheep .Earliest records of pecorino cheese production in Tuscany go back to Etruscan and Roman times. You find it soft or dry (“Stagionato”), and served with pears and walnuts or with honey or jam.

Italian cheeses on a Tuscan market

Italian cheeses on a Tuscan market

Gorgonzola is a soft cheese, a specific type of blue cheese prepared with cow milk, and that contain spots or stripes of the mold “Penicillium”. By law (and by tradition!), Gorgonzola is made exclusively with milk from cows raised in Piedmont and Lombardy, around the city of Gorgonzola . Since 1996, Gorgonzola has benefited from the Denomination of Protected Origin (DOP) certification.

Taleggio  is a semisoft, washed-rind, smear-ripened Italian cheese that is named after Val Taleggio, an Alpine valley in the Italian region of Lombardy.  Traditionally formed in square molds, the cheese has a thin crust and a strong aroma, but its flavor is comparatively mild. The cheese is set on wood shelves in chambers, sometimes in caves as per tradition, and matures within six to ten weeks. It is washed once a week with a seawater sponge to prevent mold growth and to form its typical orange or rose crust.

A delicious dinner with exquisite cheeses and an excellent Chianti Classico in the cheerful restaurant of Villa le Barone, what best?

2017 Tennis with view in Chianti

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Tennis with a view on Chianti hills  at Villa le Barone Tuscany

Tennis with a view on Chianti hills at Villa le Barone Tuscany

A tennis court overlooking the Chianti hills in Tuscany is what Villa le Barone offers. Do you like to play tennis? Do you like Tuscany? Then enjoy this private tennis court, exclusively reserved for the use of the hotel’s guests, with a magnificent view of the Chianti hills.

The tennis court is partially surrounded by a row of cypresses, symbol of the Tuscan countryside and is immersed in the beauty of the surrounding environment, with its vineyards, olive groves, and Mediterranean vegetation … No need to bring your tennis rackets or tennis balls: Villa Le Barone lends them for free. And after the game, go diving in the new travertine marble pool – it also has a 250° view on the Chianti hills, or take a cool beer, or enjoy a glass of Chianti. By staying at Villa le Barone you can combine sport, gastronomy and artistic discoveries!

Villa le Barone in Chianti Tuscany Tennis with a view in autumn

Villa le Barone in Chianti Tuscany Tennis with a view in autumn