Chocolate cake at Hotel Villa le Barone, Tuscany

Chocolates on a market in Tuscany

You will get, at Villa le Barone in Tuscany, a simple and genuine chocolate cake, deftly prepared with love by our cooks with quality products.

We have been asked what was Villa le Barone doing with chocolate: do we have massages with chocolate, do we have spa treatment with chocolate, do we organize sojourns dedicated to chocolate? No, we are not organizing anything of this type.

This modern frenzy in the pursuit of pleasure makes one often wanting to add more to what is already delicious, the accessory to the essential… and you end up losing the taste of the real and the comfort of finding the genuine and the authentic.

This happens for various products, including chocolate for which the strangest uses are invented, that a Mayan priest or an Aztec prince would probably have disapproved of.

Villa le Barone: the dining room

Spray with cocoa, chocolate shampoo, massage with “ganache” chocolate, warm bath of dark chocolate? None of this at Villa le Barone where our traditional Tuscan cooks deftly mix flour, eggs, sugar, butter, cream…, all top quality, with the right quantity of  classic chocolate,  just a little bitter,  to make it the mythical cake of the great occasions that  young people loved and which we  are never tired of. Blessed times when the house was pervaded with a magnificent smell from the oven, which foreshadowed the taste that we were waiting for, a little bit compact outside and a bit creamy inside. Nostalgy? Fear of the future? No.! Only a return to safe values ​​dictated by simplicity.  A guest recently wrote to thank us for the wonderful chocolate cake we had prepared for his wife birthday!

The only thing we allow ourselves, is to add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality on a chocolate cake while still warm … the two scents enhance each other and give meaning to the term ” theobroma ”, applied to chocolate, which in Greek means ‘food for the gods ‘.’
We believe at Villa le Barone, a charm hotel in Tuscany that all in all, the best things are the simplest and the authentic, and this applies also to preparing the chocolate cake we serve.