“Slow Food” and “Slow Made” in Tuscany

The restaurant and its hand made chandelier at Villa le Barone
The restaurant and its hand made chandelier at Villa le Barone

‘Slow Food’ and ‘Slow Made’ are part of the same philosophy, put into practice by the boutique Hotel Villa Barone in Tuscany.

The movement ‘Slow Food’, launched in early 1980 in Greve in Chianti in opposition to the ‘Fast Food’, aims to bring a new perspective on food, agriculture and gastronomy. Recently launched, the movement ‘Slow Made’ is specifically aiming at crafts and creation. It advocates quality in the production processes, taking the necessary time … and respecting the environment.

In the wake of the Slow Food movement in Tuscany 30 years ago, many other movements of the Slow philosophy have emerged. Among them the ‘Slow Made’, recently founded in France, proposes to rethink how to produce. Slow Made opposes the throwaway consumption model to a more sustainable model, producing less but better. According to Marc Bayard, cultural and scientific advisor at the French ‘Mobilier National’, one of the missions of the Slow Made is to raise consumer awareness on the implications and impacts of consumption. It is certainly preferable to buy items that are more expensive but more durable and even transferable. Slow Made seeks to divert customers from mass consumption and to develop a network of small craft enterprises rooted in the territories. Slow Made products are now largely reserved for a small numbers of consumers, but this number is increasing. And if we take the example of biological products coming from organic agriculture, a few years ago, due to their cost, only a certain class of consumers were buying them. Today they have entered the daily life of thousands of producers and consumers. No doubt therefore the Slow Made will have the same bright future!

Hand made by Tole style  for  Villa le Barone
Hand made by Tole style for Villa le Barone

Historically, craftsmen have always been appreciated for the quality of their work and their creativity. But their work requires patience and skill, combining innovation and tradition, while using the new tools and new materials available to us.

Hotel Villa le Barone puts it into practice the Slow Made philosophy and works with many Tuscan craftsmen. It wishes to specifically recognize Luciano and Marcello Capelli in Greve in Chianti, who, among others, made the chandeliers in the restaurant, Mauro Iandelli, decorator upholsterer, My Light, who made by hand the luminaires for the restaurant terrace, Leonardo Becucci who makes our lampshades, Tole Style who did bedside lamps in painted metal, using a French original technique of the XVIII century. Villa le Barone will be happy to give the contacts of all those Tuscan craftsmen, proud representatives the Slow Made philosophy.