Spring in the Natural Luxury Hotel Villa Barone

Villa le Barone January 2012

Spring in the natural luxury Hotel Villa Barone is always wonderful and entering the new year, you can already think of the 2015 spring sunshine in Tuscany!   One of our dearest  wishes: to welcome you!

January 1st was not always on the first day of the year and January was not the first month of the year. Mars was initially the first month of the ancient Roman calendar. It was in 46 BC  that the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar declared  January 1st  as “New Year’s Day”. The Latin name of the month of January is Janus, the god of doors and openings. Janus has two faces, one facing forward the future and the other towards the past.

Spring at Villa le Barone

Later, during the reign of Emperor Charlemagne, the year began on Christmas, December 25th. During the time of the Capetian kings, the year began on Easter Sunday. It is only since 1622 that the New Year is again set at  January 1st.

The decision was taken by the Pope primarily to simplify the calendar of religious holidays and there’s something to it since after Christmas, after the January 1st, after the cold and grey winter finally comes Easter, the sun and the rebirth of nature.

We await you in our natural luxury hotel for spring 2015. We will be open for Easter, on April the 3rd.