Spring has arrived in Tuscany and Easter week-end approaches

Spring and Easter shop window in Tuscany

Spring has arrived in Tuscany, Easter is soon coming, and the luxury hotel Villa le Barone in the heart of Chianti is actively preparing to open on March 28 ! (In 2014 the opening will be on April 18th 2014!)

The days are much longer, and, after the long rainy winter, sun warms up the earth. The Chianti hills are turning green, daffodils are already flowering, and hyacinths should follow soon. Tulips are growing before our eyes! Shrubs are also beginning to bloom: laurel tin, forsythia, rosemary. There will be beautiful fresh flowers picked from our gardens to adorn the halls and rooms of the luxury hotel Villa le Barone!  The sap goes back up in the trees: almond trees have already flowered, chestnut buds burst on the terrace. Roses have been pruned, hedges have been lowered, the holm oaks trimmed. Birds also feel the spring’s arrival. They begin to look for a place where to nest and we hear them singing at dawn!

Daffodils are blooming in spring at luxury hotel Villa le Barone

The shop windows of chocolate makers, pastry chefs, confectioners, as well as porcelain and ceramic shops in Greve in Chianti, Florence and Siena are celebrating Easter and spring!
Enjoy the beauty of nature in spring, get away from the city noise and bustle! This is true luxury!  With its offerings “Spring in Chianti“, the luxury boutique hotel Villa le Barone allows you to get a taste of this luxury!