An eco-friendly hotel in Tuscany

One of the Villa le Barone's gardens Tuscany
One of the Villa le Barone’s gardens Tuscany

Are you looking for an eco-friendly hotel in Tuscany, a hotel that cares for the environment and sustainability? Then come to Villa le Barone, in Chianti, to which the “eco-leader” label of Trip Advisor has been awarded.

Indeed we have adopted practices resulting in energy and water savings, we recycle various materials, our facades are covered with Virginia creeper, helping to maintain freshness and biodiversity, we use eco-certified products, our restaurant serves “organic” food…

Villa le Barone is proud to contribute to the protection of the environment and, to this end, we have developed a whole series of actions: energy savings (led bulbs, heat pump to heat our new infinity swimming pool…) water savings (specially designed sanitary ware, invitations to change sheets and towels less often…), recycling of glass, plastics and cardboard, recycling of organic waste to make compost that will be used in our garden. It is also with the flowers of the garden that are made the bouquets that welcome you in your rooms!

An eco friendly hotel in Tuscany -Virginia creeper on the façade
An eco friendly hotel in Tuscany -Virginia creeper on the façade

The facades of our Villa are covered with Virginia creeper, a pleasure for the eye, but it also brings freshness and biodiversity: birds come to nest there, butterflies abound… and in our gardens also you can admire flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, hardwoods, conifers ….

Our restaurant uses organic and fresh products bought locally: vegetables, eggs, fruits, meat … In our farm, Vecchienna, we plant, especially for Villa le Barone, tomatoes that have flavor and fragrance. We serve beef coming from our free range cattle in our farm that has received the label “Agriqualità”. No hormones, no antibiotics! The extra virgin olive oil, which also has the label “Agriqualità” and that we use is also produced in our farm and Villa le Barone. No pesticides! And of course we also serve the organic Chianti Classico produced around Villa le Barone: the wine producers in Panzano in Chianti have indeed also adopted organic practices.

Villa le Barone, an eco-friendly hotel in Tuscany, is pleased to offer a beautiful and healthy environment, where guests can relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty.